Last Hero Standing is a complete Silver the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 255 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is the first appearance of Silver in the comic.



In an apocalyptic future, the psychic Silver the Hedgehog, the people's last hope, has led a few refugees home to a ravaged and barren Emerald Hill Zone. Some time later, Silver reports to his boss of the "Underground Resistance", G.U.N. Commander Steele. The survivors' battle against a monster they call Iblis is getting harder every day, and while Silver can fight the monster, he can't destroy it. Only one option remains: Travelling 70 years into the past, to a time when Iblis was relatively weak.

Later on, Dr. Gerald elaborates on his plan. Using data retrieved from the remains of the Omni-Viewer, they have built a time machine of sorts, but it can only be powered by the three remaining Chaos Emeralds. 3 days later, Silver and his artifical intelligence, A.G., journey to the Floating Island via the Hill Top Zone's Mountain of Destiny, where they meet a morose and ancient Knuckles. Silver convinces the old guardian to come back with him. Before the machine can be activated, the resistance is alerted of another attack from Iblis. Having sensed the Emeralds, the monster is attacking earlier than usual, but Steele and Gerald are more concerned with getting Silver through the gate. Outside, Knuckles goes after the monster, who is revealed to be Super Sonic. Silver looks back on his world as a massive explosion erupts behind him and his journey to the past begins.....


  • One of the Mobians at Gerald's briefing resembles a Poochyena from Pokemon.
  • As revealed in the "Coming Soon" section of the Christmas Special 2012, Silver looks to have been successful, facing off with Sonic the Hedgehog some time in 2013.
  • The Emerald Hill Zone is said to have once contained 150,000 inhabitants and is the first time such a stat has been revealed.
  • The title of the strip, as printed, is "The Last Hero Standing".
  • Silver's visit to the past, seemingly in pursuit of Sonic, is loosely based on Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).


The art for this strip by Jones was universally praised. Comments ranged from "brilliant" and "lovely" to "very professional".

Reaction to the story was mixed to negative. Silver's debut came at a time when STC-O contained many plot threads and characters and fans believed that adding a new concept would muddle the status quo even further. Some were annoyed that all three stories in the issue contained time travel, although others were happy with how this one linked with Enter: Blaze.

The use of the word "cancer" by Knuckles in relation to Sonic was frowned upon. One or two believed there was little character development and that the story felt like the middle of an arc. However, the old Knuckles was lauded for his appearance.

The most negative responses stated that the story was "awful" and contained "too much melodrama".


This is the first Silver the Hedgehog story.


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