Larcen knocks back the scotch in his dingy apartment.

Larson's Revenge is a 4-part Eternal Champions story, beginning in Issue 37 of Sonic the Comic. The story largely follows Larcen Tyler in his own time and place, but features fellow Champion, Shadow Yamoto.



Back in his own time after his last adventure, Larcen is hiding from crime boss Mr Tagliani, who wants him dead. Larcen recounts the first time he was killed by Tagliani, when he was asked to deliver some candy to a hospital. He realised the parcel was ticking too late and the "candy" bomb exploded, killing him. Instead of dying, however, Larcen was taken to the future to fight with eight other warriors, all from different times. When the adventure was over, Larcen returned to his own time until The Eternal Champion needed him again. Back in the 'present', a note comes under the door, complete with $200, asking Larcen to complete a job. The task was to infiltrate new crime boss, White Orchid's office and steal some documents. After a scuffle with the guards, Larcen breaks into the office, supposedly with nobody knowing he's there. Unfortunately, the door bursts open and White Orchid is there. Except it isn't, it's Shadow Yamoto!

Actually it is, as they are one and the same. Shadow reveals that she has been sent by The Eternal Champion to set up her own crime syndicate in old Chicago and forbade any involvement from Larcen. The cat burglar isn't happy, revealing he has many enemies who want him dead. Larcen is dubious as to how a bootlegging operation is helping Shadow fight crime, but Shadow can say no more. She has a meeting at the Simpson Quarry with an unknown informant, but before she goes, Larcen advises her to cover up a little... At the quarry, Larcen has come along and Shadow reveals her business is with Tagliani. Larcen can't be shocked for long as the police arrive in an ambush. The burglar easily gets away but Shadow is arrested, despite her being more than capable of fighting the cops.

Later, Larcen scales the side of the police precinct to find out why Shadow isn't trying to break out. She even willingly gets herself locked in a cell. Since she won't save herself, Tyler decides to save her himself, smashing through the window and beating the police. Shadow is less than impressed for her rescue, revealing she has compiled a dossier which implicates all the major gangs in the city. Now that she has escaped, this evidence will be for nothing. Back at Larcen's place, the pair hear voices and storm in, expecting burglars. Unfortunately, they are cornered by Tagliani and his men. Tagliani wants the documents from Larcen, the ones he had earlier been asked to steal, but he doesn't have them. Assured they are still in White Orchid's office, Tagliani moves to kill the pair.

Larcen and Shadow break free and fight Tagliani's henchmen, comparing to a fight in the "battle room" of the Eternal Champions. Unfortunately, Larcen is whipped by a pistol and, when he wakes up, he is gagged and bound alongside Shadow in Tagliani's car. Tagliani reveals his original plan to kill Larcen; if White Orchid caught Tyler stealing the documents, she would kill him. If Tyler brought the documents to Tagliani, he'd kill him. Now, betrayed by White Orchid, Tagliani pushes the car, loaded with dynamite and the two heroes, towards White Orchid's building, ready to wipe out every scrap of evidence towards him. As the car heads towards the building at speed, the pair eventually managed to break free of their ropes and jump out of the car, just as it crashes and explodes. Happy that organised crime in Chicago would no longer be an issue, Larcen and Shadow prepare to return to the future.


  • Larson's Revenge began in the same issue as Robotnik's Revenge.
  • The character is actually called "Larcen", meaning the title was incorrect across the four parts.


The last Eternal Champions story was Brains & Brawls. This story was the last in the series.

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