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Art by Dave Windett and John M Burns.

Not to be confused with The Land Beyond, a story set in this area.

The Land Beyond is a location somewhere in the vicinity of the Nameless Zone, although its barriers aren't clearly defined. The barren, rocky habitat is the home land of the goblin kingdom and has seen recent improvements that make it more habitable. Even so, a threatened war with the Nameless Zone saw the goblins extend their boundaries further into the fox lands.


It is unclear when exactly goblins began to exist in the unpleasant realm of the Land Beyond. Trogg was banished here shortly after he had transformed from Shirob, one of the Enchanter Kings. Forced away from his old home by a magic protection surrounding the Nameless Zone, Trogg decided to construct a new home deep in the mountains known as The Labyrinth. This series of tunnels was also called home by a number of monsters (such as the Pit Beast) and was the start of Trogg's new goblin race. Trogg attempted to lead the Land Beyond's residents back into the Nameless Zone but a failed battle with Miles "Tails" Prower saw him lure Tails and Errol Blackthorn into his own world. The heroes barely escaped with their lives and left without "Shirob", who they had been sent to rescue.

Some time later, Trogg somehow managed to bypass the Enchanter Kings' spell and kidnapped the two remaining monarchs so they could be turned into monsters like him. Tails returned to the Zone with Knuckles the Echidna and Morain to save them and find a way to save Errol, who had earlier been turned into a monster as well. The heroes returned to The Labyrinth and stole the Dark Orb necessary for keeping The Dark One alive. This ancient magic saw Trogg turn back into Shirob, effectively ending an era for the Land Beyond.

Some time later, Roubal rose up to take over the kingdom, posing as a "moderniser" as opposed to Trogg's barbaric ways. Despite his cool exterior, Roubal also wanted to take over the Nameless Zone and built up the goblin armies. His first move was to extend the Land Beyond's territory into the Nameless Zone, building a castle in the middle of a village, and sign a peace treaty with the Enchanter Kings: if they agreed to become a dominion of the Goblin Kingdom, there would be peace and the Zone would be "hardly" interfered with. If they didn't sign, there'd be a horrific war that both Roubal and the Kings believed the goblins would eventually win anyway. After signing a peace treaty, the Land Beyond continued to affect running of the Nameless Zone by creating trade routes between the lands, although they were often more beneficial to the goblins: one example was that large amounts of the Nameless Zone's grain is being sent to the Land Beyond. The Dimension Bridge, once a treacherous route over Non-existent space only taken by warriors was now a quiet road under guard. A rail bridge was eventually created (despite resistance from Morain, Pippa and Trent) that saw speedy travel between the Zones, and goblins and foxes both had the right to move between them (though in practice the foxes could rarely afford to).

By this point, there was little to distinguise between the two Zones. However, goblin migrants still wanted to move to the Nameless Zone for a new life. In the later "Visa Vixen", Moraine would admit that things were improving for the Nameless Zone thanks to Errol Blackthorn's efforts.