Kog is a robot character who appeared in one story of Sonic the Comic. Remaining inac

Kog re-awakens. Art by Andy Pritchett.

tive underneath Citadel Robotnik for many years, electrical wildfire from a Badnik attack gave Kog life once more and brought him to the surface of the Metropolis Zone. Upon emerging, the rusted robot wondered where his creator was, unaware that the entire world had changed around him.

Kog was the first robot Doctor Ovi Kintobor had ever created. The thoughtful scientist turned Kog off every night so that he could get some "rest". However, after the fateful day that Kintobor turned into Doctor Robotnik, Kog was forgotten about and lay dormant until workmen came to remove the ruins of Citadel Robotnik.

After given a lick of polish and a good clean, Kog became a history teacher, informing people that the original Metropolis Zone was just fields, an area where Kintobor's vehicles were given their first test drive.



  • When Kog emerges from the ground, he asks for his "kind, caring creator Doctor Robotnik", a mistake since his master was Kintobor.
  • Kog emerged in the Metropolis Zone. If he was personally tended to by Kintobor every day, his home probably should have been in the Emerald Hill Zone.