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The Kintobor Computer is a self-aware computer program that has the brainwaves of Doctor Kintobor prior to his transformation into Doctor Ivo Robotnik.

In early instalments of Sonic's World the Kintobor Computer also took the role of narrator, directly addressing the reader and explaining aspects of Mobius, its denizens, and its past.


The Kintobor Computer made its very first appearance in Sonic the Comic Issue 6, Attack on the Death Egg. It had no dialogue in this brief appearance and its origins were not explained until the first Sonic's World story.


At the time of Dr. Kintobor's transformation, when the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor exploded, the evil energy contained within the Chaos Emeralds combined with the rotten egg that Kintobor held in his hand. This mutated Kintobor's body and seemed to have corrupted his mind, making him a malevolent shadow of his former self. However, one of the Power Rings contained within the ROCC had somehow had Kintobor's brain patterns imprinted on it. Exactly how this happened is unknown, but as it happens it is miraculous that any part of Kintobor survived. Shortly after the ROCC accident, Sonic the Hedgehog and Porker Lewis began to rebuild Kintobor's Laboratory. Whilst sifting through the rubble, they found the Ring containing Kintobor's mental patterns. When they realised what it truly was, Porker worked on salvaging Kintobor's personality from the ring, and so the Kintobor Computer was created.

Freedom Fighters' Intelligence

Before Robotnik's rise to power, the Kintobor Computer was used simply to warn Sonic of threats to the Emerald Hill Zone. But when the war against RBR began, the Freedom Fighters used Kintobor to establish a worldwide surveillance network. Kintobor proved to be instrumental in many of their successes, being able to learn in advance of Robotnik's operations. Unfortunately, Kintobor lost a great deal of power after being forced to abandon his mainframe when Robotnik attacked the FF's secret base. When the team started operating on the road, Kintobor worked out of a small laptop computer, meaning he could only access Robotnik's systems through direct proximity. When the Final Victory came about, Kintobor was likely forced back into his ring state when Super Sonic unleashed his electromagnetic pulse.

Re-establishment & Rebellion


Kintobor's short-lived appearance, art by Richard Elson

After Robotnik's defeat, the Freedom Fighters built their new Control Centre in the Emerald Hill Zone. Kintobor was uploaded into a new mainframe and was capable of monitoring zones across the planet. Sometime later, however, Kintobor was hacked by Grimer and was turned against Sonic. Taking control of an advanced Badnik as well as every computer and surveillance device in Metropolis, Kintobor was able to track Sonic's every move. Luckily, Sonic was able to defeat Kintobor easily by returning to his base and shutting the computer down. It didn't take long for Porker to devise a subroutine to protect Kintobor from further hacking attempts.

Sonic the Comic Online

Kintobor continued to assist the Freedom Fighters from the Control Centre for some time. However, Sonic's declining reputation thanks to the Kane Broadcasting Company and The Inside Story programme meant that many Zone Leaders were now refusing to allow Kintobor permission to host sensors in their Zone. Because of this, his tracking system was much less efficient and wasn't able to ascertain the "Sonic" imposter's real location. Since the destruction of his home, Kintobor was forced back into laptops and handheld devices for a short while before establishing a new permanent location in Buddy's Bistro.

Worried that the Freedom Fighters were drifting apart, Kintobor arranged a Christmas party and invited the inhabitants of the Floating Island, the Chaotix Crew, The Ultimax and Chrysalis to join them.

Similar to his role in Prologue: Once Upon a Planet... and subsequent stories, the Kintobor Computer narrates episodes from Mobius' past in the New to Sonic the Comic? series.


Sonic the Comic Online


  • Most of the portable devices Kintobor was in are Nintendo consoles, perhaps referencing the fact he was once the man who became Robotnik.
  • The Kintobor Computer bears a notable resemblance to some TARDIS consoles from Doctor Who.
  • The Archie character of NICOLE is similar to him.
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