View of the laboratory interior, with the Kintobor Computer

Kintobor's Laboratory was an underground installation where Doctor Ovi Kintobor quartered himself; later it became the base of the Freedom Fighters. It is now destroyed.


The laboratory was entirely adequate for the Freedom Fighters' needs - containing living space, storage areas, monitoring equipment (which left plenty of screens on which to play videogames!), a hangar for the Freedom Fighters' biplane, and the mainframe of the Kintobor Computer itself. The Freedom Fighters also expanded the facility in light of their new status as guerillas, excavating further chambers for additional capacity. The most prominent of these was a prison block (less charitably, dungeon), whose stone-dressed walls contrasted starkly with the clean metal of the laboratory proper. Access to the laboratory was provided by means of a chute from a concealed entrance, although in a pinch one could also crawl through the drainage system.



The laboratory was a quiet, isolated location where Kintobor could conduct his scientific experiments and research safely and peacefully, without disturbing the tranquil life of the planet Mobius that he had inadvertantely found himself upon.

The laboratory proved to be a principal pivot about which many seminal events in the Sonic the Comic timeline revolved. It was where Sonic acquired his Power Sneakers, and also where he engineered his transformation from a common brown spiny hedgehog to the sleek, Cool Blue Dude that we know today. As a darker reflection of this, it was also where the ROCC was installed, whose malfunctioning led to Kintobor's mutation into Doctor Ivo Robotnik - acts witnessed by the developing Shadow, one of Kintobor's experiments, which would later have severe consequences.


Following the establishment of RBR, the Freedom Fighters reoccupied the derelict laboratory and converted it into their headquarters, a secret base from which they could sally forth to combat Robotnik's forces. Even though Robotnik was actually created inside the laboratory, it was never adequately explained why he did not know its location - we can only assume that he originally left the site in a state of confusion and disorientation from his violent transformation.


The laboratory was eventually discovered when Knuckles rescued Robotnik from a holding cell there following his brief capture by the Freedom Fighters [1]. Robotnik returned as soon as possible with the Squeeze Tag Machine and a force of Badniks. He completely destroyed the laboratory [2], although a delaying action by Sonic, Knuckles, and Johnny Lightfoot bought the Freedom Fighters enough time to extract their vital supplies and a copy of the Kintobor Computer's program (coded onto a Power Ring). Thereafter the Freedom Fighters travelled across Mobius as Bob Beaky's Travelling Circus.


The ruin of the laboratory is now abandoned and no attempt has been made to restore it.



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