Art by Mick McMahon

King Leer was a hyena formerly in charge of Mobius (or at least part of it).


In a time when the people of Mobius lived in separate tribes (sorted by species), King Leer was the overall leader. In order to show his authority, Leer would often order his troops to storm smaller tribes and burn them to the ground. He took great pleasure in news of the tribes falling, noting how much superiority he had over them. To make things worse, Leer personally invented new laws that limited what other species could do, such prohibiting dogs from lifting their legs and birds from flying. On hearing that a dog had defied him, Leer ordered an attack on his fox cousins.

Some time later, the attack was carried out, but Bravehog arrived to help the foxes. Leer heard of his insolence and personally arrived to shave off his spikes. However, these bullying tactics inspired the other tribes to help Bravehog. Leer himself was beaten by Bravehog's staff and all the hyenas were forced to flee the land.


  • Leer is a parody of King Lear, A Shakespeare play.


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