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Art by Richard Elson

Kalus was a member of Death-Trap. The bulky man, leader of the gang of three, was made of stone and possessed immense strength and stamina. Along with Prank and Totem Billy, the Shanazar resident was hired by Doctor Robotnik to track down criminal Sonic the Hedgehog.


Kalus was first seen riding into Shanazar on Death-Trap's motorbike and sidecars, with Kalus driving the main bike. His first act was to convince the sadistic Prank not to "interrogate" any of the citizens, confident in Totem Billy's ability to scout out Sonic's location. Sure enough, Sonic was found and the hedgehog decided to confront Kalus and co. in company. Kalus took a Spin Attack from Sonic, who remarked that his attacks used to shatter everything in sight. Kalus took his turn, swiping at Sonic with his fist, but he only managed to destroy the ground beneath his feet. Instead, he ordered Prank to take care of things. Unfortunately, he soon regretted his decision when Kalus ordered his genie to "kill" Sonic, rather than capture him. It all proved moot when Sonic decided to run away rather than right, with Kalus left impressed by his speed. Despite this, Kalus knew they had a job to do and ordered his team to move out.

The stone man later returned with his team after Billy had suffered from a cold. However, he was prevented from catching Sonic when he insulted a passing Medusa, leading her to turn them all into stone. Kalus was already stone and so attacked Medusa for petrifying his friends. A delayed reaction caused the brave Kalus to quickly turn to sand, seemingly ending his life. Kalus wasn't done yet despite this and became one with the desert, molding a body out of sand. In this form, Kalus was much slower and his speech was slurred, but he was still insistent on capturing Sonic. Using another Spin Attack, Sonic achieved success by smashing into Kalus and scattering his body into the wind. The floating grains of sand also helped the hedgehog defeat Medusa.

Art by Mick McMahon

It is possible that Kalus is still alive if he could rebuild his sandy body. He could, therefore, be in one of the New Zones of Mobius, still tracking down Sonic. In fact, he turned up alive in issue 263, 100 issues since his last appearance!


"I imagined [Kalus] as not really being a villain at all. He simply hunts down criminals for a living. Sonic is considered a criminal here. I don't think he was always made of stone. I think there is some tragedy in his past that has left him this way. He's very deep and private - almost shy...

So that's the way it would have worked. I had an idea in mind where Sonic badly injures the stone guy. By this point Sonic realises that he is actually a good person and so Sonic goes out of his way to help. I wanted to play with ideas about what makes one person a hero and the other a villain. In this world Sonic has committed a serious crime by rescuing those kids. To society he is the villain - his actions have placed everyone in danger. Deathtrap are just doing their job, bringing in a criminal."

However, Kitching was fired from his position and Kalus fate was decided by Stringer.

Ed Reynolds also had plans for Kalus, having him continue to team up with Death-Trap and chase Sonic across Flickies' Island. This plan was quashed when Stringer killed him off. The original plans can be found in the Ancient Relic Zone of Sonic the Poster Mag 2006.