Jungle Zone, as drawn by Gary Andrews

The Jungle Zone is a Zone on Mobius, featured in the Sonic's World story, Face From the Past. The Zone is a lush, green area, with no visible man-made structures.

The Zone is the scene of an ambush on a patrol of Troopers by the Freedom Fighters, there to rescue a batch of prisoners. It actually turns out that it was all a plan of Doctor Robotnik to introduce Tonic, supposedly Sonic the Hedgehog's brother, but actually Metamorphia. After a fight, Metamorphia escapes down one of the Zone's waterfalls.

In Sonic the Comic Online, Robotnik stated that he was using Coconuts Badniks to cut off the Jungle Zone, although it wasn't stated why.

Outside of Sonic the Comic

"Jungle" is also the name of the third Zone from the Sonic the Hedgehog Master System game, but bears little resemblance, other than the fact they are both set in a jungle.