Jon Haward is an artist who worked for Sonic the Comic in its early days. Staying with the comic for two years, Haward is best known for providing the artwork for all of the Shinobi stories. Before STC, he also contributed to the Shinobi story The Dark Circle, which appeared in the first of The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks. Aside from Shinobi, Haward took over art duties in the Eternal Champions from the fifth part of the first story, replacing Steve White, Brian Williamson, John M Burns and Bambos Georgiou. Haward would go on to do the whole of the second Champions story. Between all of these, Haward provided cover art and pin-up artwork, single-handedly drawing Sonic the Poster Mag 4.

Haward returned in Issue 261 as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. The artist provided a wallpaper featuring two of his most well-known characters, Shadow Yamoto and Joe Musashi.

Away from Sonic the Comic, Haward has drawn for 2000AD, Marvel and other publications.


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