Art by Nigel Kitching and John M Burns

The Johnny Badnik is a Badnik created by Commander Brutus in the appearance of Johnny Lightfoot and was designed with Johnny in mind as an organic battery.


Shortly after being brought to life and given Doctor Robotnik's brainwaves, Brutus began to plot against his master. The robot tricked Grimer into building portable Brain Scanners and used them on the unconscious scientist to learn how to build his own Badniks. He began simply, creating basic Badniks from the people of the River City Zone. He used this army to march on Citadel Robotnik in order to overthrow Robotnik as leader of Mobius. The Freedom Fighters were in the area and attempted to help Robotnik's Badniks fight the invaders, but Sonic the Hedgehog and Shortfuse the Cybernik were quickly defeated. Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot were captured and taken to Brutus' ship, where they were held and converted into Badniks.

Brutus' two new recruits were summoned to Citadel Robotnik to greet the beaten Sonic. The Johnny Badnik attacked first, shooting at Sonic and making him fall off the building. He then attacked once more after Sonic was thrown by the Amy Badnik. Sonic attempted to free Johnny but his Spin Attack proved ineffective with the hedgehog pulling his punches to save his friends. The Badnik turned its attentions to Shortfuse, angering the Cybernik by not calling him by his name. Shortfuse responded with his own laser blast, freeing the rabbit.


The Johnny Badnik was designed to look as much as possible like the rabbit inside it. The shell is fitted with rabbit ears and metallic whiskers and is even colour-coded to look like Johnny's outfit.

The Badnik's main source of attack was a laser blaster on its right arm. It could fire with precision and could even become a rapid-fire weapon when required to hit a faster target. Sonic noted that the Badnik's speech patterns were stilted, only programmed to utter a few lines, such as telling a target to "die". Johnny had no knowledge of being in the Badnik and was confused upon his release.

Sonic the Comic Online


The same scene, drawn by Adamis and coloured by Mike Corker.

The history of the Badnik was revisited in a special anniversary strip for Sonic the Comic Online. As part of this, events were explored inside Brutus' ship, with new character Cedric the Elephant being among the new Badnik recruits. The Johnny Badnik was seen to be created and was summoned to Citadel Robotnik, leading on to the events in the print comic.

The Badnik was rebuilt as part of the New Robotnik Empire but, with no Johnny inside, was easily destroyed by Sonic.


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