Jake's Story is a complete Knuckles the Echidna story first published in the Knuckles Knock-Out Special. It was later reprinted in Issue 222 of Sonic the Comic.



It is night time in the Mushroom Hill Zone, where nobody notices an EggRobo in the shadows. Its power supply has nearly run dry and it needs an organic battery to run. It finds what it wants as an open bedroom window reveals the sleeping figure of Jake. The Emerald Hill folk notice the disturbance but seem to be too late to stop the Badnik claiming its prize. Jake's mother is hysterical, so the other villagers decide to contact Knuckles.

After a few minutes, Knuckles is on the trail and follows the EggRobo to the pits of the Lava Reef Zone. Despite being annoyed that he'd failed to wipe out all of the Badniks, Knuckles focuses on the mission, attempting to catch it off guard. Unfortunately, the Badnik is faster, punching Knuckles and almost forcing him into an active flamethrower. Getting up, the echidna avoids a second blow and manages to get a punch in himself. Knuckles estimates that it would take one more hit to free Jake, but doesn't want to punch too hard in fear of hurting the boy. However, things turn bad when the EggRobo stands on an active fire pit, torching it. Knuckles has only seconds to save Jake but is left mortified when the Badnik explodes.

Back in the Mushroom Hill Zone, Knuckles ignores the happy cries of the civilians, focusing on telling Jake's mother then unhappy news. Before he can, Jake emerges from his bedroom! The boy reveals that he managed to evade the grip of the EggRobo and hid in his closet, not emerging straight away because of the commotion outside. Jake's mother tries to discover what Knuckles came to tell her, but the echidna is happy to leave it.


The previous Knuckles the Echidna story was Traitor of the Lost Pyramid. The next is Reflections.

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