It's Raining Bananas is a Double Sonic story which appeared in Issue 112 of Sonic the Comic.



Sonic and the Emerald Hill folk are enjoying a quiet morning with no apparent threat, until the peace is disturbed by a banana suddenly clonking one of the residents on the head. As soon as he's accused his neighbour of chucking fruit at him, a hail of bananas begins to fall upon the zone. The citizens are panicking, but Sonic remains calm, and figures the problem leads back to Flickies' Island, where indeed, thanks to a faulty connection, Grimer's latest machine is producing bananas instead of missiles. By now, the Emerald Hill folk are up to their waists in bananas, but Sonic keeps his head and whips up a tornado, sucking up all the bananas and sending them back to Flickies' Island, just as Grimer smashes the machine with a sledgehammer. Grimer is quickly buried in bananas, and life in the Emerald Hill Zone instantly returns to normal. The residents offer to treat Sonic at a cafe, but he declines: after the day's confusion, he can't face a banana split.


  • It's Raining Bananas has the dubious honour of being the first, and only story in STC to be told completely in rhyme, a la Dr Seuss.
  • Due to a printing error, when this strip was reprinted, the "It's" in the title was not adequately visible.
  • It's Raining Bananas is one strip that heavily polarises Boomers, many either loving or hating the complete departure in story-telling.


The previous Double Sonic story was Zero Zone. The next story was Hot Legs.

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