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Issue 99 is the ninety-ninth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 5th of March 1997 at the price of £1.25, the issue contains four original stories (one of them new), several features, a Roller Badnik pin-up and a free gift of a Rugrats sticker album and stickers.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Doomsday is a 3-part story that leads on to The Final Victory, written by Nigel Kitching with art from Richard Elson and John M Burns and lettering from Tom Frame. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew continue their search for Lord Sidewinder, the madman that has gone to the Black Asteroid to find Super Sonic. At Equinox, Omni-Viewer returns from his visit to Mobius and has grave news to give to Sonic once Vector the Crocodile can get him charged up. Unfortunately, it becomes apparant that the Black Asteroid's explosion will cause an electromagnetic pulse. Back in the "weird bit", Chaotix quickly find and dispatch of Sidewinder's crew. Omni also returns and, upon learning of the satelite's effects, Sonic orders him to teleport the Asteroid to Mobius. The assembled heroes watch as Super Sonic is freed in the skies above the Metropolis Zone.

Knuckles the Echidna

Victims is a 3-part Knuckles story by Kitching, Nigel Dobbyn and Elitta Fell. All seems lost for Knuckles, Porker Lewis and the Emerald Hill folk as they all wait on the Biological Computer, but the echidna manages to break free before Doctor Robotnik can flip the switch. Doctor Zachary and the Guardian Robots battle while Robotnik charges the back-up panel. Zachary babbles about how he found the robots but eventually knocks out Knuckles with his gun. Robotnik prepares for the second time, but is distracted by an explosion in the sky...

Decap Attack

Dead! is a 3-part story set in Hell, with writing from Kitching and Richard Rayner, art by Mick McMahon and lettering from Ellie de Ville. The Death Train finally arrives at the destination and the residents of Castle Frank N. Stein are shepherded along the platform. Chuck D. Head continues to complain to Max D. Cap about not being dead but all are eventually stopped by the Thin Controller. Max convinces her to keep them in Hell, but she is soon distracted by a fierce battle and the "hunky" Professor Frank N. Stein. As she drags Frank to his wedding (against his wishes), the others are allowed to go home.

Sonic's World

No Exit is a complete story by Lew Stringer, Andy Pritchett and Frame. The revolution is well under-way and the Freedom Fighters are talking to Cat Adie on Zone at Ten. Grimer panics and sends in more Trooper soldiers to defuse the crowd, but Amy Rose and Johnny Lightfoot leap into action. The entire mob fight back but are forced to retreat when every Badnik in the area is called to the scene. Tails attempts to cover the others as they head to Citadel Robotnik for more weapons but is shot down. Worse still, Amy and Johnny are cornered by Vermin the Cybernik and a Newtron trio, but all is forgotten as an explosion rings through the sky...


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes Boomers to the stories and features inside before teasing people about the festivities to be had in Issue 100. As well as the 4-part story, there will be a new pin-up and free gift. After this, there is news on the 1997 edition of the UKCAC - a chance to meet Dobbyn, Elson, Carl Flint, Kitching and Stringer, to name but a few. The Sega Charts see FIFA '97 and Virtua Cop 2 remain top of the Mega Drive and Saturn charts, respectively. Ecco the Dolphin re-enters the Mega-CD chart in first place while Dynamite Headdy moves back to top the Game Gear list.

This issue's Graphic Zone becomes the Red Nose Day Zone, paying tribute to the next day's "Red Nose Day". To celebrate, many STC characters are pictured wearing red noses and the published pictures won the artists a pack of Crayola Mini Stampers 2. Unfortunately, the lead entry is Sonic mistakenly telling Boomers to "Where a Rednose".

Speedlines sees Megadroid answer letters on Doctor Robotnik always escaping punishment, wondering why Amy isn't in a game (she's already been in two, but never mind) and a long letter and reply on the Sega Charts and UKCAC. As well as a picture of Knuckles celebrating St. Patrick's Day, all entries received a Sega Mega Hog Tag.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 98. The next is Issue 100.