Issue 97 is the ninety-seventh edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official Sega comic. Released on the 5th February 1997, at the price of £1.25, the comic contains four original stories (all of them new), several features and a Decap Attack pin-up.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Doomsday is a 3-part story which ends Sonic's stay in the Special Zone. Written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson, coloured by John M Burns and lettered by Tom Frame, the story follows Sonic and the Chaotix Crew as they battle lunatic Doctor Plague. Sonic also receives a message from Porker Lewis and the Omni-Viewer finally returns.

Knuckles the Echidna

Victims is a 3-part Knuckles story written by Kitching, drawn by Nigel Dobbyn and lettered by Elitta Fell. Marking the end of his World Tour of Mobius, Knuckles heads back to the Floating Island to discover that all of the Emerald Hill folk have gone missing. Porker is running scared, all because of Doctor Robotnik and Zachary.

Decap Attack

Dead! is a 3-part story, Mick McMahon's first contribution to STC. Co-written by Kitching and Richard Rayner with lettering by Ellie de Ville, we see that Chuck D. Head has been officially declared dead by Professor Frank N. Stein. The demons of the netherworld come and collect all four of them and takes them to a Hell-bound train.

Sonic's World

Boiling Point is a complete story starring the Freedom Fighters. With writing from Lew Stringer, drawing from Roberto Corona, colouring by Steve White and lettering from Gordon Robson, the story follows the heroes as they aim to stop production of Toxo Cubes. Complicating matters is the presence of Vermin the Cybernik, leading the operation.


Megadroid welcomes Boomers to this Valentine's issue, with introductions to the stories. Megadroid also encourages readers to introduce friends to the comic. The Sega Charts are almost entirely different this week, other than FIFA '97 topping the Mega Drive (atop of 5 other non-movers). Virtua Cop 2 is a new entry to the Saturn chart, Ecco the Dolphin returns to the Mega-CD chart in first place and Dynamite Headdy moves up to lead the Game Gear games.

This issue's Graphic Zone is titled Change of Art (a pun on "change of heart"). One picture is mistakenly captioned "Tails in red wig shocker", even though the character in question is Sally Acorn from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV show. Owners of published pictures received a pack of Crayola Mini Stampers 2.

In Speedlines, one reader reveals how he got a girlfriend thanks to a previous free gift of a Valentine's card, another hates Knuckles intensely and the last reader enquires about Super Sonic's eyes. Winners got a Sega Mega Hog Tag.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic is Issue 96. The next is Issue 98.

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