Issue 86 is the eighty-sixth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 4th September 1996 at the price of £1.20, the issue contains four original stories (one of them new) as well as several features, a Crabmeat pin-up and a free gift of a Planet Krapz sample pack.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Heroes & Villains is a 3-part story by Nigel Kitching, Richard Elson and Ellie de Ville. Super Sonic has Sonic cornered, but is interrupted by the arrival of the Chaotix Crew. A massive fight breaks out between them and Lord Sidewinder's men, culminating in a plan to warp Super away with the Omni-Viewer. However, Omni changes its mind and tries to freeze Super in time.

Knuckles the Echidna

Village of the Damned is a 3-part story by Kitching, with art from Nigel Dobbyn and lettering by Elitta Fell. Knuckles is about to be sacrificed by the members of a cult to the Moon Goddess but the echidna manages to break free from his cage. He also notices that Mesmer is controlling them all, so breaks the hypnotic spell and discovers it all to be a plot by Doctor Robotnik.


Trooper Trouble is a 2-part story written by Lew Stringer, drawn by Carl Flint, coloured by Gina Hart and lettered by Tom Frame. Tails and Clive the Donkey have been captured by a Trooper patrol and are chained inside the ship. Clive uses his technical skills to free them but, unfortunately, they are in midair. After flying to safety and disposing of the last of the Badniks, Clive explains what he did to the people of the Wood Village Zone.

Sonic's World

Future Shock is a 3-part story by Stringer, Roberto Corona, Andy Pritchett and Frame. The Freedom Fighters are fighting a Buzz Bomber invasion but Sonic gets himself stuck in a swamp. Fortunately he's rescued - by a future Sonic! The current Sonic doesn't believe a word of the other's doom and gloom and takes him to see a friend in the Chemical Plant Zone. The doctor reveals that they are the same hedgehog.


This issue's Control Zone is a smelly one, with Megadroid referring to the free gift and the Humes. There are several new leaders in the Sega Charts, with Euro '96, Brutal: Paws of Fury and The Lion King moving to the top of the Saturn, Mega-CD and Game Gear charts, respectively. Brian Lara's Cricket '96 is still the Mega Drive champion.

The Graphic Zone is a "Kickin' Zone", with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose and Mighty the Armadillo playing football after Euro '96. Printed pictures earned the artists a pack of Crayola Mini Stampers 2. This issue's Q Zone begins a "revisited" special of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, an unnamed guide helping out with several cheats and tips for the game.

The only game to be reviewed in the Review Zone is Slam 'N' Jam '96 for the Saturn, David Gibbon awarding it 90%. Speedlines contains letters about the Review Zone, a New Zealand reader asking about Knuckles' ears and the cost of STC in Ireland. One picture also includes a rare return for Cam of B.A.R.F.. Each letter and drawing was awarded with a Sega Mega Hog Tag.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 85. The next is Issue 87.

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