Issue 72 is the seventy-second edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 17th of February 1996 at the price of £1.20, the issue contains four original stories (one of them new) as well as several features, a Scratch n' Sniff free gift and a Chopper Badnik pin-up.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Return of Chaotix is a 6-part story by Nigel Kitching, Richard Elson and Ellie de Ville. Sonic, Porker Lewis and the Chaotix Crew have just altered time so that the Brotherhood of Metallix didn't turn Mobius into Planet Metallix. Doctor Robotnik doesn't believe them and reveals he installed a self-destruct mechanism in the robots. A full-scale battle soon erupts and the Metallix are defeated for good.

Knuckles the Echidna

The Graveyard is a 4-part story written by Kitching, with art by Nigel Dobbyn and letters from Elitta Fell. Knuckles is prepared to smash the Soul Crystal but is attacked again by the Kohenyu skeletons. Given a second chance, Knuckles freezes and agrees with the Spirit of the Herd about how it is to be alone. Recognising compassion, the ghost allows Knuckles to leave with a new Master Emerald.

Extra Sonic

Odour Zone is a 6-page complete story written by Mark Millar, drawn by Mike Hadley and lettered by Tom Frame. The Odour Zone and surrounding villages have been destroyed by Savage Skunk, a massive Badnik that was previously resistance leader Marcel Skunk. Despite falling for a trap, Sonic frees Marcel and sends Robotnik on his way.

Sonic's World

Brute Force is a 4-part story by Lew Stringer, Carl Flint, Dondie Cox and Steve Potter. With his Brain Scanner, Commander Brutus has managed to learn all of Johnny Lightfoot's secrets. Unfortunately for him, a side-effect is that he has also taken on the rabbit's personality, causing him to destroy his Troopers. Brutus reverses the damage done and crushes the scanners, only for him to forget everything he just learned. Nevertheless, he returns to the Misery Zone to build more Badniks.


In keeping with the smelly free gift on offer, the Control Zone sees Megadroid break out the stinky puns whilst introducing this issue's stories and features and breaks out news of a forthcoming convention. There's also news of two new stories starring Tails and the Shining Force. The Sega Charts see FIFA Soccer '96 remain top of the Mega Drive chart and Mickey Mouse 2 likewise for the Master System. Earthworm Jim becomes the new winner for the Mega-CD and Sonic Chaos tops the Game Gear chart.

The new UKCAC Zone displays photos of the last United Kingdom Comic Art Convention, showing Richard Elson, Nigel Kitching, Carl Flint, Lew Stringer, Audrey Wong, Richard Burton, Deborah Tate, Nigel Dobbyn, Steve White and Gary Knight to be hard at work. The article is followed by news of the next UKCAC.

A Name The Artist compo is a special competition offering Boomers a piece of exclusive artwork. Readers were challenged to the name the artist behind the picture of Sonic battling a Combinik (the answer being Mike Hadley.

Chris Jones presents a Q Zone special, giving another round of tips on how to beat Beavis & Butt-Head for the Mega Drive and Game Gear. Speedlines features letters from an angry Tails fan sick of seeing Knuckles, someone else dislikes the term "Boomers" and someone else is still waiting for the return of Captain Plunder. All published letters won the writers a Sega Sonic & Knuckles disposable camera.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 71. The next is Issue 73.

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