Issue 49 is the forty-ninth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 31st March 1995 at the price of £1.15, it contains four original stories and several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Count Down to Disaster is a 2-part Sonic story, part of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles story arc. The story, written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Ellie de Ville, sees the Death Egg reach the moment of completion; the only thing it needs now is the Master Emerald. Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna emerge in the Lava Reef Zone, attacked by several EggRobos. The heroes rush off to the Hidden Palace, only to find that the Master Emerald has been stolen by a Metallix.


Power of the Elements is an 8-part Shinobi story, written by Alan McKenzie, drawn by Jon Haward and lettered by Tom Frame. Joe Musashi finds himself in the domain of the Roofworlders who grant him safety. However, it isn't long before they're followed by the Yakuza and the Four Elements. With the aid of Kotomi-sensei, Bunzo and Kinpachi, Musashi leaps into battle with his foes.


Zonerunner & The Big Freeze is a 4-part Tails story and the last in the Zonerunner series. With writing from Mark Eyles, art shared by Roberto Corona and Brian Williamson and lettering from Steve Potter, the story beings with Tails in the company of Sol Furic. Before the former terrorist can explain who bombed The Flock, he leads Tails through the streets of the Chemical Plant Zone, but the fox is spotted by angry civilians. In a safe house, Sab recounts his story, but is cut short by the appearance of Sab.

Captain Plunder

Captain Plunder & His Sky Pirates is a 4-part Captain Plunder, almost entirely created by Kitching, but with lettering from Elitta Fell. With their captain in prison, Filch leads the Sky Pirates to the Highview Corrective Centre, intent on saving him. However, Plunder and Simpson the Cat are doing alright, using idiocy to unlock their cell and defeat their guard. With the way out clear, it seems Filch has also found the way in...


The Control Zone sees Megadroid introduce Boomers to this issue's stories, as well as promoting next issue's "50th" celebrations with a free gift. There are also answers and winners of the Sony Psygnosis competition from Issue 42. There is a bit of a shake-up in the Sega Charts, with new entry Spider-Man V Kingpin topping the Mega-CD chart and Donald Duck rising up to lead the Master System rankings. FIFA Soccer '95 and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 remain top of their respective charts.

Mentioned on the front cover, Sonic Drift 2 gets its own page in the Review Zone, Jenny Fromer awarding it a paltry 67%. Nick Protz gave Asterix and the Power of the Gods 83% and David Gibbon rewarded Mega Swiv with a 92% score. The Q Zone also sees Gibbon provide cheats and passwords for Aladdin (Game Gear), Sonic Spinball, FIFA '95, Jungle Book (all Mega Drive) and Ecco the Dolphin (Mega CD).

The theme of the Graphic Zone was "Rock 'n' Roll", with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (somewhat controversially, for a children's comic, smoking) dressed up in suitable attire. In Speedlines, one reader complains about the complexity of setting up a Mega Drive, whilst somebody else wonders if Doctor Robotnik might be Scottish. Pictures are of a pirate Tails and a "punk" Badnik. All published Speedlines entries received a Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 48. The next is Issue 50.

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