Issue 47 is the forty-seventh edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 4th March 1995 at the price of £1.15, the issue contains four original stories (three of them new) as well as several features and a Zonerunner pin-up by Roberto Corona.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Mystery of the Sandopolis Zone is a 2-part story by Nigel Kitching, Richard Elson and Ellie de Ville. Sonic has returned to the Floating Island and landed in the Sandopolis Zone in order to destroy the Death Egg. Before he can get a good look at it, he's attacked by a Sandworm but destroys it while Knuckles the Echidna looks on. They're both impeded by the appearance of Captain Plunder and the Sky Pirates, who is here to raise the Lost Pyramid of Sandopolis.


Power of the Elements is a 7-part strip written by Alan McKenzie, drawn by Jon Haward and lettered by Tom Frame. After the defeat of The Void, the [[Four Elements] have gone to work for the Yakuza but they are not happy that Oyabun Mitsugi doesn't need their services. After interrupted his gambling, Air convinces him to let them capture Joe Musashi and goes on to do so easily.

Sonic's World

Enter the Cybernik is a 3-part Shortfuse the Cybernik story written by Lew Stringer, with art by Roberto Corona and John M Burns, letters from Steve Potter. Having learned that his Cybernik has turned good, Doctor Robotnik has travelled to the Emerald Hill Zone to take it down. Shortfuse takes the upper hand but his circuits are scrambled by Robotnik's "Plan B". Sonic soon arrives to kick Robotnik out of his Zone and Shortfuse leaves to fight evil on his own.

Captain Plunder

Captain Plunder & His Sky Pirates! is a 4-part story and the first to star Plunder. Written and drawn by Kitching with letters from Elitta Fell, the story sees Robotnik enjoy a party on the flying Robotnicus until the Sky Pirates crash the party. Despite his vault being tightly secured, Filch is able to enter the safe and uses his poltergeist skills to flip open the door. Before Troopers can arrive, the pirates flee, but Filch realises they've left Plunder behind!


The Control Zone kicks off the issue, with Megadroid wishing the newshound (possibly Garry Penn) a quick recovery in hospital. There's also an introduction to this issue's stories and a teaser for Zonerunner & The Big Freeze. Other Boomers are pictured with their homemade Sonic merchandise, winning them a prize. The Sega Charts see the home consoles unchanged at the top, FIFA Soccer 95 topping the Mega Drive chart and its Mega-CD equivalent doing the same. Robocop V Terminator moves up to lead the Master System chart and Cool Spot is the new Game Gear winner.

David Gibbon covers both titles in this issue's Review Zone, awarding MCD title B.C. Racers 79% and MD racer Power Drive a marginally better 81%. The Graphic Zone is Shinobi-themed, with Sonic and friends dressed up like Musashi. Even Joe himself gets a picture. Successful entries also won themselves a Sonic 2 Badge. Gibbon continues the Lion King special in the Q Zone, with Part 2 dedicated to completing the game's latter stages. Speedlines features letters about the poor work from Carl Flint, the possibility of STC becoming an audio book on a console and there's a fan of Marko's Magic Football. Published letters won Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Games.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 46. The next is Issue 48.

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