Issue 42 is the fourty-second edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official SEGA comic. Released on the 24th December 1994, at the price of £1.50, the issue was labelled as a bumper one, containing six original stories and several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Ice Cap Attack is a 2-part Sonic the Hedgehog story, written by Lew Stringer, with art shared by Mike Hadley and John M Burns, with lettering by Steve Potter. Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna discover Doctor Robotnik's icy base and break in, but finding themselves trapped in a forcefield. Knuckles digs them out and they proceed to trash as many Penguinator Badniks as possible. Once Sonic and the Emerald Hill folk are home, Knuckles announces their truce to be over.

Streets of Rage

The Only Game in Town is a 6-part Streets of Rage adventure, with a script by Nigel Kitching, art by Peter Richardson and lettering by Tom Frame. In the streets, the situation looks dire for the heroes, until the gang surrounding them unexpectantly back off. At the police station, Feroccio overhears another officer holding bets on how long the vigilantes will last before Mr X and his gangs finish them off.


Hero of Mobius is a short complete story, starring Tails. The script was provided by Kitching, art by Carl Flint and lettering from Ellie de Ville. The story is a retrospective, giving new readers information about Tails' previous adventures in the Nameless Zone. The fox is sick of being ignored by Sonic but jumps at the chance to prove himself when Johnny Lightfoot informs him of a Badnik attack. Before he can join up with the rest of the Freedom Fighters, he's summoned back to his home world.

Knuckles the Echidna

Carnival Night Conspiracy is a 6-part Knuckles story, presented by Kitching, Richard Elson and Elitta Fell. Knuckles has survived his deadly rollercoaster ride and now sits in his new office. The Marxio Brothers aren't happy when he wants to leave to fight Robotnik. Chicio lets slip that they actually work for Robotnik, forcing them to switch to combat mode to fight the echidna. Their efforts work and Knuckles appears to be dead.

Doctor Robotnik

A Day in the Life of Doctor Robotnik is a "documentary" complete story, written by Mark Millar, with contributions from Hadley and de Ville. The 'story' follows Robotnik as he goes about his typical day. Waking up from a cutesy nightmare. After tucking into his breakfast, Robotnik designs new polluting traps and Badniks. Porker Lewis is captured by such a new robot, but Sonic is always on the scene to free them. After scrapping the Badniks that failed him, and pledging to turn Sonic into one, one day, Robotnik retreats to bed with a mug of cocoa and a soppy magazine.

Marko's Magic Football

Marko's Magic Football is a 6-part story, written by Stringer, drawn by Gary Andrews and lettered by Fell. A policeman has just been turned to slime by dangerous gunge. He fights Marko but is distracted when he half turns uhman again. The monster heads to the sewers where Marko follows, unaware he is being watched by Colonel Brown. The chase ends when he is confronted by three slimy dinosaurs.


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes Boomers to this bumper issue, as well as letting them know about this week's free gift, Badnik Spotter Cards. The page also lists the contents of this issue. The Sega Charts are identical to Issue 41 in terms of leaders, with Sonic & Knuckles, Rebel Assault and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 still heading the Mega Drive, Mega-CD and Master System/Game Gear charts, respectively.

The Review Zone is three pages long this issue. David Gibbon awards Earthworm Jim 94%, returning to give Mickey Mania 91%. Power Rangers is given a paltry 59% by Nick Protz, with Jenny Fromer roundings off with a 90% for The Lion King.

The theme for the Graphic Zone is Christmas, with Sonic and Tails in many festive poses. Owners of published pictures received a Sonic 2 badge. 'Boomer Boggler!' is a simple wordsearch containing many SEGA-related words and phrases.

This week's News Zone leads with the Sega Channel, before welcoming Ristar to the Mega Drive. Other games that are featured are Daffy Duck in Tinseltown, Clayfighter, Road Rash III, Cosmic Carnage and AfterBurner. The Q Zone features Part 2 of the Jungle Book special, helping readers to beat the final five levels.

Finally, Speedlines has the usual mix of letters and pictures. Readers question Johnny and Porker's current looks, Robotnik's mustache and a possible Sonic & Knuckles Q Zone. Pictures are of a Father Christmas Robotnik and Tails stuck in a Christmas tree. Winners received a Tomy Sonic Water Fun Game.



The previous issue was Issue 41. The next is Issue 43.

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