Issue 39 is the thirty-ninth edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official SEGA comic. Released on the 12th November 1994, the issue contained four original strips, two of them new, as well as several features and a free gift of Sonic Stickers Set 4.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic No More is a complete story by Nigel Kitching, Ferran Rodriguez and Ellie de Ville. One day, Sonic is enjoying a run in the desert when he is ambushed by Grimer and his Energy Absorption/Transmission Device which gives Doctor Robotnik Sonic's powers! The Freedom Fighters are dismayed about Sonic's new look, but things work out well when a pair of Bat Brain Badniks mistake their ruler for their target. Sonic soon gets his powers back and the device invented by Professor Neinstein is destroyed.

Eternal Champions

Larson's Revenge is a 4-part story focused on Larcen Tyler and Shadow Yamoto, with writing from Michael Cook, art from Jon Haward and lettering by Tom Frame. Shadow, as "White Orchid", has been arrested by the police and is currently under investigation. Unbeknownst to her, Larcen is ready to break her out of there. Unbeknownst to him, she was there to try and end organised crime in Chicago. To make matters worse, Mr Tagliani knows that Larcen is still alive and heads off to capture him. Finding him with rival crime boss White Orchid is just a bonus...

Knuckles the Echidna

Carnival Night Conspiracy is a 6-part Knuckles story and is the first in a long series starring the echidna. Kitching provided the script, while Richard Elson produced the art and Elitta Fell lettered. After helping out the Freedom Fighters during Robotnik's Revenge, Knuckles returns home to the Floating Island, evading an attempt on his life via Robotnik's Egg-o-Matic. Back home, Knuckles realises the Carnival Night Zone has been built without his consent. Knuckles then faces off against a construction robot and confronts the Zone's owners, the Marxio Brothers!

Decap Attack

Who Killed Chuck? is a 6-part story, the second in the series by Kitching and Steve Potter. Having evaded capture from Detective Case, Chuck D. Head now witnesses the sight of Professor Frank N. Stein removing the officer's brain. In an attempt to erase Case's memory of Chuck's murder (committed by Igor), Frank begins a long process involving a mallet, his teeth, acid, a blender, electrodes and a mangle. The experiment is a success, with Case waking up and leaving Castle Frank N. Stein without his suspect. However, when Igor comes to pour sugar on his breakfast and instead comes face to face with Case's brain, they realise that Case has come back to the station with a grapefruit for a brain...


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes new Boomers to the stories and features inside. After plugging the eagerly-awaited Knuckles story, there are teasers for the Issue 41/Issue 42 specials, Marko's Magic Football and art from the forthcoming Amy Rose strip. This week's Sega Charts see Mortal Kombat 2 enter both the Mega Drive and Game Gear charts in first place. FIFA International Soccer remains top of the Mega CD list while Desert Speed Trap moves up to the top of the Master System standings.

David Gibbon handles this issue's Review Zone, awarding 3D fighter Ballz 86% and Jungle Book 92%. Gibbon also hosts the Q Zone, providing "Tips & Cheats" for Cosmic Spacehead, Marko's Magic Football, Ren and Stimpy and Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

The News Zone sensationally reveals that Sonic & Knuckles was originally going to be part of Sonic 3 and was then going to be called Sonic 3: The Special Edition. Someone at Sega decided that Knuckles was going to be a "superstar" and gave him co-billing on the final game. They also pondered what would happen if you plugged in other games, bringing about Knuckles in Sonic 2 and Blue Sphere. Aside from this, there is also news on Jurassic Park for the Mega-CD and the arrival of the 32X. "Short Bursts" was a sports special, previewing FIFA Soccer '95, Madden NFL '95 and EA Sports NBA Live '95.

In Speedlines, Megadroid answered letters on meeting Sonic at a public opening, a recipe for "Mobius Eggs" and a Boomer who's dad thinks Sonic's a cockerel. All published entries won readers a Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 38. The next is Issue 40.

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