Issue 37 is the thirty-seventh edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 15th October 1994 at the price of £1.15, the issue contains four original strips, several features and a free gift of a set of Sonic the Stickers.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Robotnik's Revenge is a 2-part Sonic story as part of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles story arc. Written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Ellie de Ville, the story sees Doctor Robotnik return to Kintobor's Laboratory armed with his Squeeze Tag Machine and a load of Badniks. It's time for the Freedom Fighters to escape but, with Porker Lewis taking too long to get the Kintobor Computer back onto his Power Ring, it's up to Sonic the Hedgehog and Johnny Lightfoot to buy him some time. Elsewhere, Knuckles the Echidna is making friends with Grimer and a Trooper or two...

Eternal Champions

Larson's Revenge is a 4-part story written by Michael Cook, drawn by Jon Haward and lettered by de Ville. Larcen Tyler has returned from the future to wait in Chicago, hiding from Mr Tagliani. In the meantime, somebody's paid him to steal some documents from crime boss White Orchid. All goes well until he's caught red-handed by White Orchid herself - who turns out to be Shadow Yamoto!


Zonerunner & The Flock is the first of the Zonerunner series, written by Mark Eyles, drawn by Roberto Corona and lettered by Elitta Fell. Tails has been enlisted by The Flock, a group of sheep dedicated to freeing the Chemical Plant Zone to stop Nutzan Bolt from flooding Zones with Mega Mack. Tails and his microputer manage to foil a Spiny Badnik attack and surprises the rest further when he manages to fly away from certain death. One floater drone ride later and a showdown with Nutzan is imminent.

Decap Attack

Who Killed Chuck? is a 6-part Decap adventure, the second in the series. Created by Kitching and Steve Potter, the story continues as Chuck D. Head is being chased by Detective Case through Castle Frank N. Stein, accused of murdering himself. Chuck comes to a dead-end but isn't unarmed, using Head to knock out Igor. Case still has a gun and is about to shoot Chuck when Case is distracted by something decidedly more scary.


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes Boomers to the stories and features as well as celebrating the release of Sonic & Knuckles. Knuckles fever continues as his first solo story, Carnival Night Conspiracy, is mentioned, as well as a competition to win The Offical Sonic 3 Play Guide. Elsewhere in the Zone is Craftwork, a showcase of alternative artwork; one picture is a stitchwork of Sonic whilst somebody else created Tails in Lego. Interestingly, it was revealed in Issue 50 that the names of the contributors had been mixed-up and M. Irving's surname had been misspelled as "Loving".

The Sega Charts are largely different this week, with Sonic Chaos and Sonic 2 returning to the top of the Master System and Game Gear charts respectively. FIFA International Soccer remained king of the Mega-CD while Super Streetfighter 2 was a new entry at the top of the Mega Drive list. In the Review Zone, Jenny Fromer awarded Radical Rex a respectable 78% while Yumemi Mystery Mansion received 75% from Vincent Low for being "too easy to finish".

Earthworm Jim is the main topic in this issue's News Zone, sharing space with Virgin Interactive games Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker, Dino Dinni's Soccer, Dragon and Another World I and II. "Short Bursts" also covers Generations Lost as well as forthcoming games for the Game Gear.

This issue's Photo Zone is dedicated to Lego, with Sonic, Tails and Robotnik in severely blocky poses. Even Antony Chiappinelli (from this issue's Control Zone) gets a second go. Published pictures won photographers a Sonic 2 Badge. The Q Zone continued its "Sonic Solved" section, with Vincent Low revealing solutions for the final seven bosses of Sonic 3. Finally, Speedlines has readers asking why Megadroid says the word "hume", which is better out of the Multi-Mega or Saturn and someone else tells you not to give Doctor Robotnik a second look. As well as pictures of a sci-fi Sonic and Rax Coswell, everything in Speedlines wins a Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 36. The next is Issue 38.

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