Issue 28 is the twenty-eighth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 11th June 1994 at the price of £1.10, the issue contains four original stories (two of them new) as well as several features and a giant Sonic and Tails pin-up.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Sonic Terminator is a 5-part strip written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Steve Potter. Having been shrunk by a future version of himself, Sonic now has to evade the attacks of Metallix and use the Time Stone to return to the Miracle Planet's past. In the green Palmtree Panic Zone, Sonic makes his way to a machine and uses his tiny body to slip inside and take the power source - the original Time Stone! After destroying the contraption, Sonic returns to the present and urges his future self to repeat the process. This time, the machinery begins to fade, as does Metallix, leaving Sonic to spend a whole month alone with Amy Rose. Unfortunately.

Streets of Rage

Skates' Story is a 6-part story by Mark Millar, Peter Richardson and Tom Frame. On board the Princess Grace, Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding are busy listening to the lies of Mr X whilst Max Hatchet searches for the bomb on board. Elsewhere, the police take Skates to Roach in order to execute the boy, but Roach sticks up for his friend, murdering two of them before getting a confession from Esposito. Back on the ship, Max hasn't found the device - it looks like Mr X has won again.


The Morbidden Hunt is a 4-part Nameless Zone story by Mark Eyles, Casanovas and Elitta Fell. Tails is annoyed when Sonic goes on another mission without him, but he is soon summoned home by Shaman Warpull. Young cubs Jimmy and Jilly have been kidnapped by goblins, so Tails must embark on a quest to rescue them. In Castle Morbidden, Queen Vulpecula is tired of waiting for her brother to bring the cubs, but is disgusted in Liemould's suggestion to find them herself. Meanwhile, Tails is about to become dinner for a hungry gryphon.

Pirate S.T.C

Pirate S.T.C. is a 6-part story written and drawn by Stephen Bliss, with lettering by Potter. Time travellers Fezhead and Skull are searching the networks for the perfect couch potatoes to participate in their new game and become the ultimate warriors. The chosen ones seem to be lazy slobs Sackhead, Flame, Grrr, Bob and Dog).


Megadroid proudly announces that Boomers have "never had it so good" in this issue's Control Zone, as well as encouraging readers to save up for the arrival of Sonic the Summer Special and Sonic the Poster Mag 5. Two dates are also announced for the Sega Bus tour. The Sega Charts are completely unchanged, with FIFA International Soccer, Ground Zero Texas, Sonic Chaos and Micro Machines still leading their respective charts.

David Gibbon is the sole man in charge of the Review Zone, covering three Mega Drive games. Dune 2 received 91%, The Lost Vikings are found with 86% and PGA European Tour Golf comes last with just 81%. The News Zone, presented by Garry Penn previews the MD conversion of Bomberman, as well as information on Tiny Toons Sports, Sparkster and a whole host of new Mega-CD titles. Short Bursts contains brief info on Ecco the Dolphin 2, Dynamite Headdy and Snatcher.

The Graphic Zone is in World Cup mood, with multiple pictures of Sonic playing football earning readers a Sonic 2 Badge. Gibbon returns to provide a complete walkthrough for Jungle Book in the Q Zone. Speedlines contains letters about an aggressive Ecco "fan", a Paperboy 2 fan (it's a dog), there's extreme precautions for reading a copy of STC and someone is also disappointed that we never see Sonic's feet. All printed letters and pictures received a Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 27. The next is Issue 29.

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