Issue 270 is the two hundred and seventieth edition of Sonic the Comic and the 47th issue of Sonic the Comic Online, released on August 1st 2016.



Sonic: The Trial of Ebony the Cat, Sonic is someoned by the order of magick to be a witness for Ebonys trial and Blaze escapes her prison.

Sonic's world: Night of the Livid Pet part 2, Amy and Tails are surrounded by startled chao but are they really mechanical toys?

Silver: The Strange Case of Silver the Hedgehog part 2, Silver is disappearing and only A time stone can save him, but miracle planet isn't due for another three days.

Chaotix: Betrayal Shadow has betrayed them and Shadow is about to get his own body to cause havoc for Robotnik

Amy: the End of Miracle Planet, Amy and G.U.N are caught of guard by Robotniks attack on miracle planet and they are outnumbered.


  • Pinup zone


  • This issue suffered a long delay, it was meant to come out in spring but was released in autumn
  • On the cover the way "Silver Needs A Miracle" was written is a reference to Back to the Future.


The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 269. The next is Issue 271.

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