269 Cover

Cover art by TheFatPanda and Claire Ryan

Issue 269 is the two-hundred and sixty-ninth issue of Sonic the Comic, released online on February 21st 2016.





Sonic the Hedgehog

Heroes or Villains is a complete story by Charles Ellis with art by Dane "Blueike" Eichinger, Michael "Stiv" Stephenson, Pete Murphy and Claire Ryan. In the aftermath of Unleashed, Dexter stands trial for his actions. As he turns the crowd in his favour, Amy tries to piece together the truth.

The War Machine is a story by Chris G with art by Dane "Blueike" Eichinger and Claire "Mambocat" Ryan. As Tails and Shortfuse reunite in battle, Robotnik's Badnik forces bring their very worst. Can the Scrap Mobians work as a team to fight off the threat?

Night of the Livid Pet is a story by L. T. Fletcher with art by Mauro Fonseca and Tom Campbell. Tails and Amy visit a museum exhibition dedicated to the Badniks used by Robotnik in his early attempts to conquer Mobius. The other patrons, however, are more interested in the curious Chao...

Betrayal is a story by Charles Ellis with art by Adamis and Pete Murphy. Chaotix enlist the help of Shadow to help attack Robotnik's presence in cyberspace. Unluckily for them, Shadow has an ulterior motive.

The Strange Case of Silver the Hedgehog is a story by Seumidh MacDonald with art by Reggie "Ziggyfin" Graham. As Silver adjusts to life in present-day Mobius, he decides to become a full-time superhero. Unluckily for him, his actions in stopping Super Sonic from becoming Iblis seem to have had an impact on the timestream...


The previous issue was Issue 268. The next issue is Issue 270.

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