268 Cover

Cover art by Michael Corker.

Issue 268 is the two-hundred and sixty-eighth issue of Sonic the Comic, released on September 17th 2015.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Unleashed is a story by Stephen Davis with art by Thalia Evans, Adamis, James Kennedy Whitaker, India Swift and Pete Murphy. Super Sonic begins to absorb the power of the Grey Emerald, reaching critical levels of power previously unseen. The only way to stop Super Sonic now is with the help of every available hero on Mobius- and a clever plan from Tails.

Amy Rose

Amy vs. Tekno the Cybernik is a complete story written by Michael Corker and with art by India Swift and Pete Murphy. Amy explores the Flame Core Zone, on the trail of her missing friend Tekno the Canary. What she encounters shocks her to the core- but appearances are deceptive!


The War Machine is a story written by Chris G with art by Dane Eichinger and Claire Ryan. Tails and Holly Thumpfoot are called to the Oil Desert Zone where they meet the Scrap Mobians, a group who piece together armour and weaponry from destroyed Badniks and use them against Robotnik's forces. Holly is most interested in meeting the group's enigmatic leader.

Small Screen Scream! is a complete story penned by L. T. Fletcher with art by TheFatPanda and Tom Campbell. Tails attends the press conference of TV personality and "Badnik Hunter" Marine the Raccoon. However, Doctor Robotnik takes offence at Marine's show and launches an attack!


The previous issue was Issue 267. The next issue is Issue 269.

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