Cover art by Thalia Evans

Issue 266 is the two-hundred and sixty-sixth issue of Sonic the Comic, released on March 6th 2015.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Unleashed is a story by Stephen Davis with art by Thalia Evans, Adamis, James Kennedy Whitaker, India Swift and Pete Murphy. Death-Trap's benefactor is finally unveiled, much to Sonic's shock. More shocking yet is their plan to use Super Sonic to win the war on Mobius. Unleashing Super Sonic has predictably terrible consequences.

Sonic's World

Stories (reprinted from the Sonic The Comic Con Special) is a complete story written by Charles Ellis with art by India Swift, Matt Dittmer, Pete Murphy and Claire Ryan. The story examines the power of storytelling as a tool for giving hope in times that seem desperate.

Final Glory is written by Shaz and Charles Ellis and features art by James Kennedy Whitaker and Claire Ryan. As S.P.E.A.R. launches their pseudo-Cybernik army, battle lines are blurred as Kane and Captain Blue find their allegiances shifting for various reasons- meanwhile, Amy and Tails find themselves on the front lines of battle.


The previous issue was Issue 265. The next issue is Issue 266a. The next main issue is Issue 267.

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