265 Cover

Cover art by TheFatPanda and Adamis

Issue 265 is the two-hundred and sixty-fifth issue of Sonic the Comic, released on December 24th 2014.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic vs. Silver is a story by Stephen Davis with art by Michael Corker and Kim Sato. As Sonic deals with the ongoing threat of the Detoniks, Silver the Hedgehog makes his presence known and the two scuffle. Little do the two know, however, they aren't the only ones about to join the fight.

Sonic's World

How Big the Cat Saved Christmas is a story starring Big the Cat penned by Seumidh MacDonald and with art by TheFatPanda and Kim Sato. Father Christmas is too poorly to deliver Christmas presents and, so, an unlikely replacement is found.

The Bat Who Spied Me is a story by Chris G with art by Modochi. Rouge the Bat attempts to infiltrate a facility with help from a hardly worthy partner- Norris Wimple!

Nack the Weasel

Nack the Weasel Requests Your Allegiance is a story by Michael Corker with Adamis and Claire Ryan on art. Nack finds his duplicity finally turns against him as he begins to outlive his usefulness in every alliance he has formed since becoming a Zone Leader.


The previous issue was Issue 264. The next issue is Issue 266.

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