262 Cover

Issue 262's cover. Art by Pete Murphy.

Issue 262 is the two-hundred and sixty-second issue of Sonic the Comic, released on September 17th 2013.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Hog Hunt begins, written by Stephen Davis with art by Stiv, Pete Murphy and Seumidh MacDonald. Sonic's cover as Bob Beaky has been blown, and now it seems everyone on Mobius is after him. And just to make matters worse, the Babylon Rogues want a piece of the action too....


Silver Landing is a complete story by Stephen Davis with Seumidh MacDonald and Pete Murphy providing art. Silver has completed his journey into the past and he almost immediately comes into contact with Tails and the Ultimax. Silver is honoured to meet the current Hero of Mobius, but it seems he has his history mixed up. And what will happen when he learns who Iblis is?

Sonic's World

The World's Worst Villain is a complete story by Seumidh MacDonald with art by Matthew Bramble. The kids of Happy Acres Primary School are tasked with writing an essay of the hero or villain of their choice. Little Toby plans to write about Sonic, but his evening takes an unpleasant turn when he's kept behind after school, attacked by Badniks and comes face to face with Mobius' Most Wanted.


The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 261. This next issue is Issue 263.

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