One of two covers of Issue 261.

Issue 261 is the two hundred and sixty-first edition of Sonic the Comic and the 38th main edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 29th May 2013, free at, the issue contains three new, original stories and several features. The issue celebrates the comic's 20th anniversary.



Sonic the Hedgehog

In Memory is a complete story written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Michael Corker and inked, coloured and lettered by Nigel Dobbyn. Sonic and Tails are expecting the repaired statue of Johnny Lightfoot when an older version of Sonic and Johnny appear in front of them. A fight breaks out when the present Sonic tries to prevent his old self from seeing the plaque on the statue, but all does not go to plan...

Sonic's World

To the Hero of Mobius is a complete story by Seumidh MacDonald, Adamis, Matt Dittmer and Chris G. Tails picks up an important parcel from Buddy's Bistro but, upon attempting to deliver it, he becomes involved in separate crises regarding Doctor Ivo Robotnik, the Chaotix Crew, the Ultimax and the Nameless Zone.

Knuckles the Echidna

Skeletons in the Closet is a 3-part story completed in its entirity by MacDonald. Knuckles is still in battle with the mysterious robot that has now emulated the powers and appearance of the Chaos monster. The fight is brought to a halt when Knuckles' foe reveals just who the Gizoid is.


Issue 261 has two variant covers - one is provided by Kev Hopgood, artist of Issue 1. The other is an ensemble creation, pieced together by Zak Simmonds-Hurn, Michael Stephenson, Pete Murphy, Adamis, Chris G, Matthew Allen Smith, MacDonald and Corker.

The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid (in his classic appearance), reminisces about the last 20 years of Sonic the Comic before introducing what is in this issue. The Breaking News ticker is also dedicated to the anniversary, sharing the occasion with the Green Hill Zone's oldest resident, Bobby Boomers.

This issue's Review Zone is a feature on Sonic Dash, reviewed by L.T. Fletcher. Scoring returns to the Review Zone's conclusion, with the iOS title earning 81%.

A number of STC alumni returned to provide wallpapers for the anniversary issue, many reprising their roles in the print comic. Martin Griffiths drew Chester and Taya from Shining Force, whilst Jon Haward combined elements from Shinobi and Eternal Champions, namely Joe Musashi and Shadow Yamoto. Early artist Anthony Williams also provided a poster of Sonic. Current STC-O contributor Adamis posted nine individual wallpapers, featuring the original Freedom Fighters.

Anniversary Zone

Starting with this issue, STC-O launched the Anniversary Zone, a separate section of the website that celebrates the past 20 years of Sonic the Comic.

Provided on the opening day were two subpages, namely the Memory Zone (or STC Alumni Memories), that currently features thoughts and excerpts from Ed Reynolds, Roberto Corona, Martin Griffiths, Ferran Rodriguez and Carl Flint. The second is a return of the Archive Zone, with previously seen artwork plus some new insights.

The "Fan Memories" section so far contains a special edition of Sonic The Podcast, entitled "Speed Reading: 20 Years of STC. It is hosted by L.T. Fletcher and features thoughts and memories from a host of STC fans.  The section will also eventually include artwork and letters submitted by fans, plus some more wallpapers.

The Anniversary Zone also contains a new edition of Robotnikat. This story, headed "Deadline Disaster", shows Robotnikat ordering a box of eggs from Mobay. Unfortunately, the parcel is left on top of a filing cabinet and, in his haste to reach it, Robotnikat tips over the cabinet, breaking the eggs and damaging copies of STC.


The previous issue was Issue 260. The next issue is Issue 262.

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