Issue 259 is the two-hundred and fifty-ninth edition of Sonic the Comic, released on November 27th 2012. The comic contains three stories,  five pin-ups and a review of the recently re-released Sonic Adventure 2.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sky Chase concludes, written by Seumidh MacDonald with art by Pete Murphy. Trapped in the Wing Fortress on a collision course with the Metropolis Zone, Sonic reunites with Tails and begins to fight his way back to the Tornado. But where have all the extra Badniks come from? And how can Sonic save the Metropolis Zone?

Knuckles the Echidna

Skeletons in the Closet begins, written, drawn and lettered by Seumidh MacDonald. Knuckles is paying a visit to the Marble Garden Zone, in search of an ancient ultimate weapon which Porker believes is in the area. All manner of traps protect the weapon, but someone has left messages in the area, warning anyone of what's coming. But who has left the messages? And what is the weapon in question?

Sonic's World

Big the Cat Hits the Road! is a complete story written by Seumidh MacDonald, with Adamis and Pete Murphy collaborating on art. The Family's 'relief' operation is working beautifully, but a wrench is thrown into the works when the Seaside Hill Zone is attacked. Meanwhile, Big the Cat has been ordered to deliver a pizza to the neighbouring city. But how can he do such a simple task when he can't even read a map, much less ride a scooter?


This issue's Control Zone, presented by Megadroid, comments on the sudden change of weather this winter and introduces all of the stories and features in the issue. In a change to past issues, the feature now contains a link to the new Tumblr account, a link to affliates Sonic Wrecks and a donation button to cover site costs.

The Data Zone gives brief introductions to all of the characters in this issue, including Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Knuckles, Porker, Big and the Family. The re-release of Sonic Adventure 2 is covered by Michael Corker in the Review Zone, with the widescreen additions praised, although no glitches were fixed.

Pin-ups are of the cover (Matthew Allen Smith) which is a parody of the album by Prince and the Revolution, new images of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (Adamis) placed over classic strips by Richard Elson and Nigel Dobbyn) and the Hallowe'en picture of Sonic, Tails and Amy Rose (Corker) that acted as a stop-gap between Issue 258 and Issue 259.


Unlike most previous issues, no credits for the creation of the general comic were included in the Control Zone. In the Message Zone, Michael Corker revealed that, as the comic was now put together more collaboratively than ever, a credits box would have been unnecessary large.

Nevertheless, as no announcement was made prior to this issue, much of the previous staff were likely the same:

As well as these, Corker gave "Mambo" special thanks for checking the website before launch, hoping to eradicate mistakes that had been heavily criticised in past issues. Seumidh MacDonald, writer of all three stories as well as performing art and lettering duties, thanked Stiv and Calisto for their work behind the scenes.

Any other contributors are currently unknown.


The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 258. The next main issue is Issue 260, although the next overall issue is the Christmas Special 2012.

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