Issue 258 is the two hundred and fifty-eighth edition of Sonic the Comic Online and the 35th main online issue. Released on the 24th September 2012 at, the issue contains four original stories, three of them new, as well as several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Sky Chase is a multi-part story by Seumidh MacDonald and Pete Murphy. Sonic makes a quick visit to the Desolate Dust Zone, home of one of Doctor Ivo Robotnik's factories, to receive plans to the dictator's business. Later, escorted by Tails, the hero makes a trip to the repaired Wing Fortress, abandoning Tails and the biplane and getting into a fight with a large number of Badniks. Tails follows and realises things seem too easy, but too late to stop Sonic falling into a trap - one that sees the Wing Fortress on a collision course with the Metropolis Zone.


Seriously Delirious is a 2-part Tails story, co-starring The Ultimax, written by Stephen Davis, drawn by Nadine Wilkinson and lettered by Chris G. Dermot Delirious and his camera crew are still trapped in the caverns of Mobius when a horde of Badniks break through and attack Holly Thumpfoot. As Theo tries to crack the rock and Dexter Bagstille comes up with a way of communicating, Tails is called to help his teammate against the Badniks. After some Badnik bashing, Tails leads the refugees to the Emerald Hill Zone and a new counter against Robotnik is developed.

Sonic's World

Lockdown is a complete story by Shaz, Alex Willmore and Lauren Willmore. Metropolis City University has been locked down by the police, but Captain Blue is more interested in congratulating Commissioner Bodger on his promotion. The S.P.E.A.R. operative reveals that "traitors" have taken hostages, but Mr Gold plans to kill them with nerve gas. Amy Rose and Tails head in to solve the problem but are faced with weather conditions and Badniks. The pair discover the plot to be orchestrated by Windy Wallis and Doctor Genius and they are sent to Metropolis City High Security Prison. However, Gold visits them and frees them.


The Chaos of Things is a complete story by Michael Corker, Adamis and Shanna Hand. Following the attack from The Order of Magick, Blaze has been transported to Planet Drak, home to renegade trio Dax, Etsu and Phi. They recognise Blaze's power and convince her to break into the House of Magic in exchange for a return to Mobius. Despite resistance, they are able to seize a Mobius Ring and send Blaze back, possibly to return one day.


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes Boomers back after a long break and comments on the recent Summer of Sonic. The Breaking News ticker covers weather patterns, politics in the Moonshine Plains Zone and a siege at Bingo Highway.

This edition's Data Zone briefly introduces the characters this issue, along with a description of their recent activity. The "story so far" states that "Doctor Robotnik has returned and Mobius is at war! With Sonic disgraced, Tails – the only one who believes Sonic was framed – is now the hero of the planet.

Stuart Clack provides a Review Zone entry, this time covering Episode II of Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

Wallpapers are of the cover (MacDonald and Pete Murphy), a group picture depicting "The Hunted" (Marcus Stockley), a shot from "The Tale of Cream the Rabbit" (Adamis) and an edited version of Emerald Hill from "Seriously Delirious" (Wilkinson).



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Sonic the Easter Special, although the last main issue was Issue 257. The next issue was Issue 259.

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