Issue 257 is the two-hundred and fifty-seventh edition of Sonic the Comic and thirty-fourth main edition of Sonic the Comic Online, released on the 13th of February 2012 .



Sonic the Hedgehog

Into the Brink is a complete story written by Robert Frazer with Pete Murphy providing art. Masad Akaan of the Household Keepers is visiting the North Spur on South Island in search of an ancient magical superweapon. He soon comes across Sonic, in his last hiding place, and a small army of Drakons from the House of Magic...


Seriously Delirious begins, with Stephen Davis writing, and Nadine Wilkinson on art. Tails and the Ultimax are leading refugees out of the Maple Flower Zone through a network of tunnels, tailed by the TV crew of The Ultimax-Eye. Robotnik is aware though, and soon his army has caused a cave-in...

Sonic's World

The Hunted concludes with Shaz writing and Caleb Barnes providing art as before. Amy and Tails arrive at KBC for their meeting with Gold , leader of S.P.E.A.R., unaware that Fockewulf De Shrike is right behind them. Soon a full-scale skirmish has erupted between all three parties, but who will come out on top?

Decap Attack

Good Luck Chuck is a complete Decap Attack story written by Tom Huxley, with art from Stiv and Mike Corker, and special guest art from Nigels Dobbyn and Kitching. Chuck's day has been made by him finding a four leaf clover. What he doesn't know is Frank N. Stein has grown a whole garden full of genetically modified four leaf clovers in hopes of getting rich. But success can only last so long...

Other features

The Control Zone features tributes to both Golden Axe and Sonic artist Mike White, and to Nadine Wilkinson, both of whom had since passed away at the time of this issue's publication. In addition to three wallpapers and the Colouring Zone, the Review Zone features views on Sonic Generations from no less than four reviewers.



The previous issue was Issue 256. The next issue is Sonic the Easter Special, although the next main edition is Issue 258.

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