Issue 255 is the two hundred and fifty-fifth edition of Sonic the Comic and the 32nd main edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 23rd June 2011, it was marketed as a celebration of Sonic's 20th anniversary.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Many Happy Returns is a complete story by Tom Huxley, Adamis, Pete Murphy and Stiv. The adventure sees Sonic the Hedgehog face off against past and future incarnations of Doctor Robotnik and suffers defeat until he realises that the present-day Robotnik isn't present. One trip to the Egg Bastion reveals that past versions of Sonic are busy bopping Badniks. "Reverse Robotnik" summons the source of the trouble - the Pirate Omni-Viewer! With some help from the real Omni-Viewer and Vector the Crocodile, a plan hatched by the Brotherhood of Metallix is finally quashed.


Enter: Blaze is the first solo adventure for Blaze, written and lettered by Mike Corker with art from Leeann Hamilton. The story is a flashback to Blaze's childhood growing up in an orphanage, coping with her odd powers of flame. She goes on a journey across Mobius, even being worshipped on the way, before her world is engulfed by "The Burning". Suddenly, she wakes up many years earlier with no idea why she was there, but she is determined to find the one who put her there.


Last Hero Standing is a "bad future" story starring new character Silver. Written by Stephen Davis with art and letters from J. 'Deebs' Jones, the story sees Silver rescuing members of the Emerald Hill folk as a G.U.N. soldier. Dr. Gerald reveals that time travel could be used to put things right with help from the Chaos Emeralds. Silver travels to the Floating Island and gains help from an aged Knuckles the Echidna. With the Emeralds, Silver launches himself back through time while Knuckles takes on the "Iblis", none other than Super Sonic!

House of the Dead

Charnel House is a 4-part story by Robert Frazer and Lisa Lee that sees the Rogan family and G face up to C and a load more zombies in front of a tree.


The Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, welcomes Boomers to the quickly-assembled issue and lets people know about the forthcoming Summer of Sonic. This issue's Data Zone gives rundowns on Sonic, Robotnik, Knuckles, the Chaotix Crew, Omni and Metallix and The House of the Dead. The "story so far" is "Doctor Robotnik has returned, and Mobius is at war against his armies – with Tails as its greatest hero! But while many fight Robotnik, others have different agendas…".

Speedlines has Megadroid answering letters about Back Issues, the awful singing of Fabian Vane, a Sonic Battle adaptation and an angry letter from one Norris Wimple (despite him having an STC-O feature with Encyclopedia Badnika some issues back).

Wallpapers include the cover by Matt Dittmer, an updated Buddies and Baddies poster by Adamis and Murphy, a solo Knuckles pic by Adamis, a present Robotnik picture by Adamis and a compilation poster of the heroes by Dittmer. The Breaking News ticker reveals that a Metropolis Zone convention for Sonic is set to be crashed by Troopers and that Robotnik has taken over the Earthland Zone because people forgot about his birthday and forced the residents to sing "Happy Birthday" for at least 20 hours straight...



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 254. The next issue is the Hallowe'en Wallpapers 2011 special, although the next main edition is Issue 256.

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