Issue 251 is the two hundred and fifty-first edition of Sonic the Comic and the twenty-eighth full edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 17th of April 2010 (but listed as May 2010), the issue contains four new stories and several new features. The comic also saw a complete redesign, moving towards a more "online" appearance.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Universe Game is a complete story written by Shaz, drawn by Team Mobius and lettered by Charles Ellis. Whilst looking for something to do, Sonic the Hedgehog is summoned by Lumina Flowlight to help her fight The Void, a powerful criminal that has entered Sonic's universe. Sonic agrees, but is quickly thrown into a fight against old foe and ally, Turbo. Turbo defeats Sonic, then later reveals he is only serving The Void to get more thrills. Breaking out of The Void's cell, Sonic and Turbo work together to defeat The Void and keep the universe safe once more.


Visa Vixen is a two-part story, written by Jamie J, drawn and lettered by Alex Willmore and colours by Lauren Anne Sharp. Tails is summoned to the Nameless Zone, right in the middle of another of Morain's plans to end the Goblins' rule over the Zone. Pippa and Trent are losing faith with her plans, almost getting them killed, and Tails tries to reason with her. As the police arrive to arrest the resistance, Tails orders Pippa to open a portal back to Mobius, where Tails plans to show the foxes "a real war".


Rage Inside the Machine is a two-part story, scripted by Jamie J, B&W art and colouring by Adamis, digital colouring by Fast Ashadonic and lettering by Jin Chan Yum Wai. With the Internet under attack by Doctor Robotnik, Vector the Crocodile and the Omni-Viewer decide to send Espio the Chameleon to fight off Robotnik's evil software. Once inside, Espio struggles to fight off all of Robotnik's programs until an old one of Doctor Kintobor's shows up - Shadow the Hedgehog!

Amy Rose

Monsters on the Miracle Planet! is a complete story, with a creative team of Ellis (story and letters) and Marcus Stockley (art). With the war in full swing, the children of the planet are being evacuated to the Miracle Planet, so Amy and G.U.N. are forced to protect the airspace around the planet for the three days it is visible. When all communications go down, they learn what the problem is - renegade Tails Dolls! The odds are against Amy, but she uses her skill to defeat the fake foxes. Problem is, are there more of them?


Written in the style of a lecture, the Encyclopedia Badnika is a new feature that has Norris Wimple informing readers about the "first generation" of Badnik - particularly those that featured in the video game Sonic the Hedgehog. The article also features information on the Scrap Brain Zone and Prime Badnik unique to Sonic the Comic.

Possibly hinting at this being a regular feature again, this issue's Graphic Zone theme was propaganda, based on the war that began last issue. Art featured is by Claire Ryan and Matt Dittmer. Another new feature is Breaking News!, where new KBC reporter, Choy, explains who new characters G.U.N. are and why they've come to focus in recent weeks. This section has nothing to do with the new ticker in the Control Zone.

Wallpapers this issue included the cover by Zak Simmonds-Hurn and Stephen Davis, a piece by Adamis adapted from the Tails story, and an Amy poster by Stockley. Finally, Speedlines returns, featuring news about CBR releases of the comic, a brief history of Shortfuse the Cybernik and a drawing that featured in Speedlines back in 1998.

Countdown! teasers

The comic was trailed by a teaser campaign: for five days before release, the website showed a preview of an upcoming story from the next few issues, a number, and a question about what was happening. The stories previewed in order:


Reaction was generally positive, with readers giving praise to the new layout of the website, as well as some of the new features. The story and art of the Sonic story were well-received, although several aspects of other stories weren't taken as well. Criticisms included a few too many obscure concessions for old readers and the amount of text in some stories.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 250. The next is Issue 252. The Issue 251 Reprint Special was released on April Fool's Day as an alternative Issue 251.

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