Issue 249 is the two hundred and forty-ninth edition of Sonic the Comic and the 32nd overall edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 5th of May 2009, the issue contains four original stories (two of them new) and several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Last One's Standing is a complete story written by Charles Ellis, drawn and lettered by Alex Willmore and coloured by Lauren Anne Sharp. After a quick flashback to Sonic and Tekno the Canary dealing with Lord Dave, Amy Rose snaps back to the present and is called out on another mission. Linking up with Tails, the Freedom Fighters are forced against Lord Dave again, but he gets a lucky shot in. Done questioning her abilities, Amy jumps back into battle and saves the day, before reassuring Chrysalis that she'll cope with whatever's thrown at them.

Tekno & Shorty

Twilight is a complete story by Mike Corker, continuing on from Sunset. Tekno has gathered almost all of the slaves in the Pyramid of Atum and convinced them to rebel against Set. The group of weaklings charge at Slave One, knocking him over whilst Tekno deals with Set. A stray shot hitting the ceiling allows Tekno to grab the Staff of Power and murder Set. She then grabs Shorty the Squirrel and leads him into freedom.

Amy & Tekno

Revolutionary is a 3-part story by Corker. Although they escaped from the Coal Creek Zone, Amy and Tekno are being pursued by Nack the Weasel and has forced the heroes to bail out. They come out second best in a battle with Nack's stag guards and are only rescued by the appearance of the General and the Ocean Falls Zone Leader. Nack is convinced to leave empty-handed and the girls leave the voles to their afternoon tea.


The Prisoner is a 2-part story, this installment written by Shaz, scripted by Tom Huxley, drawn by Adamis, coloured by Fast Ashadonic and lettered by Ellis. Knuckles has tracked down Doctor Zachary to Megopolis City but the doctor has captured both Tikal and the Master Emerald, forcing Knuckles to choose between them. Although Knuckles chooses the Emerald, Tikal forces the Guardian Robot to release her. Earlier, the trio had hatched a plan, tricking Zachary into escaping on his own accord before installing a security camera in his bionic eye.


In this issue's Control Zone, an orange Megadroid looks forward to change in Issue 250, although the current lead strip is a stand-in. There's also mention of the "Sonic the Comic Retrospective" by Black Dog Brew. The Data Zone gives brief descriptions of Sonic, Tails, Chrysalis, Big the Cat, Amy, Nack, Tekno, Shorty, Set, Knuckles, Tikal, Zachary and Porker Lewis. The 'story so far' states "For years, Sonic and his Freedom Fighters protected Mobius from any threat. But now Sonic is missing, with everyone – even the Freedom Fighters – convinced he’s turned evil! Who will defend Mobius now?"

There are two entries in the Review Zone this month. Iain Stewart awards the Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection 90% for the "tons of content" and "good price", but is disappointed about the lack of Sonic 3 & Knuckles and the HD filter. Drew Middlemas presents the other review, awarding The House of the Dead Overkill for the Wii 80%.

A Graphic Zone special contains no pictures but asks Boomers to draw some images that capture the "Sonic the Comic spirit" for next issue. Pin-ups this issue include the cover plus Knuckles (Adamis), two images of Knuckles and Zachary (Corker) and a scene from Twilight (Corker).



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 248. The next is Sonic the Summer Special 2009, although Issue 250 is the next main issue.

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