Issue 248 is the two hundred and forty-eighth edition of Sonic the Comic and the 31st overall edition of Sonic the Comic Online. Released on the 23rd of December 2008, the comic contains five original stories (three of them new) and several features. With five stories, the issue was presented as a "Super Special Bumper Christmas Issue".



Sonic the Hedgehog

Goodbye, Mobius is a complete story by Ed Reynolds and Zak Simmonds-Hurn. Sonic is trapped miles beneath the Hill Top Zone and is being pursued by the Neo Metallix. The robot even poses as Tails to trick Sonic and, soon, Sonic has barely any strength left. Fortunately, he gets the chance to escape by causing a volcanic eruption and gets inside to find that Grimer has been behind everything - The Family, Kane - and has left Sonic with nothing.

House of the Dead

Resurrection Men is a 2-part story written by Robert Frazer, drawn and lettered by Lisa Lee. Thomas Rogan has come to his wife Sophie's aid and watches her take out Agnes Reid. They're reunited with Lisa Rogan and G before hunting more zombies. After a brawl in the Red Bar, G is forced to deal with Type 22: The High Priestess and accompanies the others back to AMS headquarters.

Tekno & Shorty

Sunset is a complete story by Mike Corker. Tekno the Canary and Shorty the Squirrel are in the Pyramid of Atum and have discovered that Set is behind everything. The heroes are imprisoned, but Tekno convinces the slaves to free her in order for everyone to achieve freedom. Meanwhile, Set is tracking down the Ring of Eternity.

Amy & Tekno

Revolutionary is a 3-part story by Corker. Tekno has been imprisoned for spying on Nack the Weasel but Amy Rose isn't happy. As she is escorted out of the Coal Creek Zone, she breaks free and locates Tekno in the dungeons. The pair commandeer a stag ship and crash out of the Imperial Palace, but are shot at by Nack's battleship.


The Prisoner is a 2-part story, this part written by Shaz, drawn by Adamis, coloured by Fast Ashadonic and lettered by Charles Ellis. Knuckles is attempting to interrogate Doctor Zachary once again, ignoring Porker Lewis's words of warning. Despite being confident, Knuckles still gets no answers and punches Zachary's cell in frustration, freeing him. Zachary gets hold of one of the Guardian Robots, knocks out Porker and steals the Master Emerald.


This issue's Control Zone sees Megadroid hark back to the good old days, noting that Issue 248 has even more stories than the original comic. He also apologises for the delay of Vichama Is Coming Home but teases Issue 250. STC alumni have new work out, with offerings from Lew Stringer, Jon Haward and Richard Elson. Even Zak Simmonds-Hurn has work with The DFC.

The Data Zone contains information about Sonic, Metallix, Shorty, Tekno, Set, Amy, Nack, Knuckles, Tikal, Porker, Zachary and the House of the Dead cast. The 'story so far' states that "Sonic has been framed for crimes against Mobius. His friends have been turned against him, the planet views him as a villain, and he’s now trapped underground & being hunted by the deadly Metallix!"

The first of two Review Zone entries sees Iain Stewart award Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood 79% for the story and art, but marks it down for music and slow start. Stewart is critical of Sonic Unleashed, awarding the 360 version a record low (at the time) of 40%.

Pin-ups are of a an alternative cover, Decap Attack (Stiv), the Emperor Metallix and Pirate Omni-Viewer (Insector), Ristar, Amy (both Adamis) and a zombie Father Christmas (Lee). The Gift Zone sees the last of these free doubling up as Christmas cards.



The previous issue was the Hallowe'en Special, but was preceded by Issue 247. The next issue is Issue 249.

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