Issue 243
is the two hundred and forty-third edition of Sonic the Comic and the twenty-third overall edition of Sonic the Comic Online, released on the 30th of July 2007.




Sonic the Hedgehog

The Debt Collectors is a complete story by Ed Reynolds, with Jin Chan Yum Wai and Rhys ap Gwyn on art duties. On the Floating Island, Knuckles the Echidna gets visited by a debt collector from Hundred & Spindle, claiming that repayments on the island have not been repayed and the place is getting reposessed. Knuckles loses a fight with the company's waste-disposal monster and gets swallowed whole. Sonic and the Chaotix Crew turn up soon after, but the former residents of the Special Zone get swallowed, too. It is down to Sonic to trick the monster into releasing his stomach contents into the Special Zone's void, convincing Mr Spindle to release Sonic's friends and give Knuckles back ownership of the island.

Sonic's World

Kill Big begins, written by Jamie J with Mike Corker providing art. A hungry Big the Cat stumbles across a lovely banquet and eats the lot, finding out too late that it belongs to Morris Roach of The Family and his daughter's wedding congregation. Big escapes the following gunfire alive, but there's a price on his head. Skilled assassin Harvestman is enlisted to dispose of the cat, but Big's reflexes are too quick to get caught by a bullet. Surviving Harvestman's attack, Big hooks into a passing bus with a fishing rod and escapes for now...

Knuckles the Echidna

Vichama is Coming Home continues, with Ed Reynolds continuing to write, and Matthew Allen Smith continuing on art duties. Knuckles is desperate to know the secrets of his people, but he has to contend with Tikal being possessed by Vichama. Vichama then escapes out into the world, with an army of dead Echidnas on his side. The ghosts attack the living echidnas and Knuckles and Tikal have to escape. The pair also have to fight off the reanimated skeletons of the Kohenyu but Knuckles knows all the secret passages. Despite them reaching the Emerald Chamber, Vichama doesn't hang around and kills Knuckles without any thought.



The posters in this issue include a version of the front cover (a parody of Kill Bill) (by Mike Corker, a colour-coded representation of some of Knuckles' more memorable adventures, and a picture of Sonic and Tails on board their bi-plane (both by Adamis).

Interview Zone

An interview with former STC artist Richard Elson, performed by Adamis. The chat covers memorable moments from Elson's time on the comic, future projects and tips for other budding artists.

Review Zone

This issue's Review Zone covers Sonic and the Secret Rings, a Wii-exclusive game. Reviewed by Iain Stewart, the game received 91%.


The previous issue published was Issue 242. The next was Issue 244.

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