Issue 24 is the twenty-fourth edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official Sega comic. Released on the 16th of April 1994, at the price of £1.10, the issue contained four original stories (one of them new) as well as several features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Sonic Terminator is a 5-part story by Nigel Kitching, Richard Elson and Steve Potter, with this part being the first of a major storyline. Work has been completed on Operation Metallix, a robot that seems to be more than capable of destroying a Sonic model and maybe even the real thing. In the Emerald Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog gets the Freedom Fighters into a fight to stop the Emerald Hill folk from being captured, but end up captured themselves. On board Trusk's ship to the Veg-o-Fortress on Mount Mobius, Sonic alerts the bad guys to the arrival of Captain Plunder and the Sky Pirates who rescue everyone and loot the ship. Unfortunately, Porker Lewis also gives away the location of the Chaos Emeralds, leading to a frantic chase to North Cave...

Eternal Champions

Eternal Champions is a 6-part story by Michael Cook, this installment drawn by Jon Haward and lettered by Tom Frame. Six of the remaining Champions have entered into battle with Nakano and his Bio-Keyed mecha, with Trident's gun proving to be useless. One by one, the other warriors are knocked out, but Trident sticks around and jumps on the craft. Nakano tries to sweep him off but Trident, angered at Nakano's love of war, bursts in and destroys the machine from the inside. Severely wounded, the others take the Atlantean back to Fortress Eternity, unaware that Nakano has survived and found a Bio-Key weapon, allowing him to speed up production.


The Art of War is a 6-part story by Alan McKenzie, with art by Haward and letters from Ellie de Ville. With Joe Musashi incapacitated, the Neo Zeed ninjas take him to The Void to be questioned. In the main chamber, the boss arrives with his lieutenants, the Four Elements, and orders Earth to fetch Naoko. The girl is distressed to see her lover out cold but is soon shocked when Musashi wakes, The Void furious that he used prana to escape the effects of nerve gas. As Joe causes a commotion and escapes out of a window with Naoko, The Void orders Air not to give chase, stating that there is something else worth their attention. Outside, Joe states that Naoko's father, Musashi's sensei, advised him to only fight if he could win, so the young ninja takes Naoko home first.

Wonder Boy

Wonder Boy in Ghost World is a 6-part story by Mark Eyles, Bojan Djukac and Elitta Fell. Shion, Lukout and Wordsmith have only just escaped a rampaging mammoth when Lukout is turned to stone by a dinosaur soldier. After sending it to Yuria, the other two stop off at Tom's Trading Post and Supply Emporium for supplies before following the stench to Dinotown.


This issue's Control Zone, hosted by Megadroid, first mentions two forthcoming series (Sonic's World and the return of Streets of Rage) before waving goodbye to two current series. There's also recommended reading in form of Sonic the Poster Mag 3 and 4, plus another mention of the Eternal Champions Special. Elsewhere is a competition to win Ravette Books' "The Fear Pavilion" and "Bad City Fighters". This week's Sega Charts see new entry Sonic the Hedgehog 3 top the Mega Drive chart, Winter Olympics moves up to the head of both 8-bit charts and Ground Zero: Texas remainins top for the Mega-CD.

David Gibbon handles most of the Review Zone duties, awarding Road Rash (MS/GG) 90% and Barkley: Shut Up & Jam! (MD) 83%. Jenny Fromer also conducts her first solo review, gifting Virtual Pinball (MD) 80%. The News Zone sees Garry Penn lead with World Cup '94 and Jungle Strike, with another feature on game companies debuting on Sega consoles (Interplay and Elite). The oddly-named "Short Bursts" has lengthy previews of a possible "Mega Drive 3" (codenamed 'Jupiter'), several basketball games, Creature Shock and a re-release of FIFA International Soccer due to popular demand.

The Q Zone is another Sonic Solved special, with Vincent Low continuing his walkthrough of Sonic Chaos' Zones. Speedlines includes letters from a Boomer whose mother hates Sonic, a Pakistani fan, a Spurs fan, a Boomer whose father hates STC and a woman who has dedicated her free time to making her children's lives Sonic-y. All successful letters and drawings received a Tomy Sonic the Hedgehog Water Fun Game.

In a rare step for the Next Issue section, rival "Mario" is mentioned as being somebody who would miss the next issue of STC.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 23. The next is Issue 25.

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