Issue 225 is the two hundred and twenty-fifth edition of Sonic the Comic and second edition of Sonic the Comic Online, released on the 16th of July 2003.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Lost World picks up where Drowned left off and is written by Ed Reynolds, with Mike Corker taking over on art duties. After breaking through the sunken Floating Island's forcefield, Sonic only has 10 minutes to make it to the Emerald Chamber and get the Island back in the air. Unfortunately, he has to grapple with the defective Guardian Robots, and things only get worse when Ebony convinces the Drakon descendants to send their Power down to the island. Suddenly, Tikal bursts out of Sonic, just as he feels Super Sonic stirring again....


Just Like Old Crimes concludes, with Ed Reynolds writing and Thalia Evans continuing on art. Tails pursues Nack to an abandoned warehouse and is almost killed in a planned explosion. Just as the police lose the weasel's trail again, Tails spots him, and the battle begins again in the sky....


  • Editors: Ed Reynolds and Mike Corker


The previous issue of Sonic the Comic Online was Issue 224. The next issue was Issue 226.

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