Issue 177 is the one hundred and seventy-seventh edition of Sonic the Comic, the UK's official SEGA comic. Released on the 22nd March 2000, at the price of £1.35, the issue contained one original story, three reprints, one features and part 2 of a "mega-sized" Sonic the Hedgehog pin-up.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Night Terrors! is a complete story written by Nigel Kitching, with art by Richard Elson and lettering from Ellie de Ville. It seems that Johnny Lightfoot has actually survived the fight with Chaos, but it's only another nightmare that Sonic's suffering from. Elsewhere, Grimer has located Chaos spread miles above the surface of Mobius and Doctor Robotnik realises he's heading to the Floating Island. Sure enough, Knuckles the Echidna and Porker Lewis are talking to Amy about Sonic deserting the Freedom Fighters, but that's nothing compared to Chaos crashing the Emerald Chamber. He's come for the Chaos Emeralds and his mind is clearing in their presence. Only Amy and Tails have a chance to save them.


This issue's Graphic Zone has the theme of Sonic and the Gang!, giving them an excuse to publish generic pictures the Freedom Fighters and Knuckles. Published pictures won the artists a Sonic the Hedgehog watch, even though two of the entries didn't even provide their name or address.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 176. The next is Issue 178.

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