Issue 130 is the one hundred and thirtieth edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 20th May 1998 at the price of £1.35, the issue contains the largest Sonic the Hedgehog story up to this point, as well as another original story. The comic also came with Part 1 of the Buddies and Baddies poster and other features. This issue marks STC's 5th birthday.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Showdown is a 3-part Sonic the Hedgehog that spanned one comic. Similar to The Final Victory, the work was split between several staff. Nigel Kitching wrote the third part, Lew Stringer wrote the second and the two of them combined to create the first part. Richard Elson drew all three parts, but Nigel Dobbyn coloured the first. Tom Frame lettered all three parts.

Doctor Robotnik has still fashioned himself as a God and has revived a Metallix to fight Sonic. Worse still, Robotnik re-introduces Megatox, Plasma, Arnem Abacus, Commander Brutus and Metamorphia to battle him. Sonic manages to win by knocking Brutus into Plasma, causing a chain reaction to destroy them all at once. Robotnik then beams Sonic into the Special Zone, where the Chaotix Crew never existed. Lord Sidewinder now rules the whole universe. Even worse, Sonic can't stop his cronies because Robotnik's taken away his powers. He's saved when Sidewinder lets slip that he plans to steal Robotnik's power, somethink the God doesn't take kindly to.

After turning them to stone, Robotnik sends Sonic to the Floating Island, but Knuckles the Echidna is once more on Robotnik's side. A battle breaks out between the two, but Sonic convinces the powerful one to return Knuckles to the power of good. He then graciously gives Sonic and Knuckles 100 seconds to come up with a plan. Robotnik believes that Sonic wants to use the device he originally got his power from, but Knuckles uses the Grey Emerald to take his power back. Robotnik shrinks to nothing and nobody else knows what happened to them, their memories restored.

Decap Attack

Birthday is a complete story as part of STC's 5th birthday. It's Chuck D. Head's birthday and Professor Frank N. Stein has baked him a cake. After reliving memories of Chuck's creation, Igor reveals to us that there's a bomb inside the cake. He soon gets second thoughts and tries to warn Chuck, but it's too late... Both the script and art are by Kitching, with lettering provided by Ellie de Ville.


The Control Zone this issue focuses on the 5th birthday celebrations and the massive Sonic story inside. There's also mention of the Decap story and other features. The poster gets more attention below, revealing that Part 2 is due in next issue. In Speedlines, there's a poem from one reader, Megadroid reveals that his creator is Richard Burton, another reader asks if Robotnik has any friends and there's a request for a Baddies poster (which will handily be given out next issue). Letters in Speedlines won the Boomers responsible an Enamel Badge.

The theme of the Graphic Zone this week is Party Dudes, showing Sonic and friends enjoying Sonic the Comic's birthday. Printed pictures won the artists a Sonic the Hedgehog watch.



The previous issue is Issue 129. The next is Issue 131.

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