Issue 121 is the one hundred and twenty-first edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 14th January 1998 at the price of £1.25, it contains four original stories, three of them being new adventures, as well as a Decap Attack pin-up, a competition to win a mountain bike and baseball jackets, plus the usual features.



Sonic the Hedgehog

Hobson & Choy is a 2-part Sonic story, featuring titular characters Hobson and Choy. Written by Nigel Kitching, drawn by Richard Elson and lettered by Ellie de Ville, the story follows two criminals of the Drakon Empire as they escape their punishment and flee to Mobius, right into Doctor Robotnik's lair. Meanwhile, Grimer, seemingly defecting to the Empire, proceeds to show Emperor Ko-Dorr the location of the Chaos Emeralds - right on the Floating Island! On Mobius, Sonic watches as Tails valiantly fights against a horde of Badniks, only to reveal they are old models, controlled by the dastardly D.R.A.T.!

Knuckles the Echidna

On The Run is a 4-part Knuckles adventure, also written by Kitching, with art from Nigel Dobbyn and lettering from Elitta Fell. Knuckles is having troubles with the Floating Island's energy levels and, yet again, needs Porker Lewis' help. The echidna finds him next an old portal to the Nightmare Country, the Special Zone. Sure enough, the pair are sucked through into New Tek City, where they narrowly avoid drowning, before being caught vandalising a public phone by the police. Elsewhere, the Chaotix Crew beat up the Zombie Brothers. Yet again, Mighty the Armadillo and Espio the Chameleon find an excuse to argue.

Double Sonic

Bee Prepared is the second Sonic story of the issue and a complete one. The script is provided by Lew Stringer, art by Mick McMahon and lettering from de Ville. Criminal Max Gamble has developed Metal Mate, a robot worker who can do ten times the work of regular Mobian builders. Gamble plans to sell the robot to wealthy men of the Eldorado Zone.. before it goes berserk! Sonic, with a little help from Charmy Bee, defeats the robot and disposes of its plutonium core head. Charmy then uses his usual talent for annoying people to fish out Gamble and hands him over to the authorities.

Sonic's World

Breakout is the 2nd part of a Sonic's World story, written by Stringer. Andy Pritchett and Steve White provide the art, with lettering by Gordon Robson. Vermin the Cybernik has broken out of prison and is terrorising the Metropolis Zone. Shortfuse the Cybernik is enjoying his newfound freedom until they receive the bad news and head to the scene of trouble. Vermin uses his tail to absorb power from a generator, making him unbeatable. He then tries to steal programs from Shortfuse, before his release program is absorbed into Vermin's system, releasing him! The newly-trapped Shortfuse destroys Vermin's armour from the inside and Amy Rose captures the rat.


In this issue's Control Zone, Megadroid reveals what's inside the comic, including the chance to win one of thirty baseball jackets and a mountain bike. There is also news on upcoming free gifts, as well as the opportunity to subscribe to future issues.

Letters from Boomers in Speedlines this week ask questions about Knuckles' knuckles, praise for McMahon and there's an obsession for Tails. Pictures also feature, one from the Earthbound story, as well as Sonic dressed as a gnome. Everything printed in Speedlines won readers an Enamel Badge.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 120. The next is Issue 122.

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