Issue 111 is the one hundred and eleventh edition of Sonic the Comic. Released on the 20th of August 1997 at the price of £1.25, the issue contains four original stories (three of them new) as well as several features and a Slicer Badnik pin-up.



Sonic the Hedgehog

The Evil Empire is a 4-part story by Nigel Kitching, Richard Elson and Tom Frame. Tails has followed Sonic to the Arena of Judgement where Sonic is taking a battering from the Metallix Mark 3. Emperor Ko-Dorr is ready to pass sentencing, but Sonic receives a lifeline when Tails opens the arena's doors and crushes the Metallix with it. Sonic then takes on a Prosecutor and learns they are just fish wearing armour. Since the Metallix was defeated, Ko-Dorr lets the Mobians go home, much to Doctor Robotnik's disgust.


Hero of the Beach is a complete story written by Lew Stringer, drawn by Andy Pritchett, coloured by John M Burns and lettered by Elitta Fell. As Tails patrols Skegpool from the air and Daz Dynamo shows off to the ladies on the beach, Grimer hatches a plan to send three Caterkiller Badniks from Flickies' Island to attack from underground. Tails easily defeats the foes and pumps Chemical Plant Zone gunge back down the hole, soaking Robotnik.

Decap Attack

The Maltese Budgies is a complete story written by Kitching and Richard Rayner, Ellie de Ville providing the letters and Kitching the art. Thieves Rocky, Meek and Moose have kidnapped The Maltese Budgies and are hiding in Castle Frank N. Stein while the police give up looking for them. Professor Frank N. Stein is more interested in his massive vegetables, having been fed growth formula, which erupt and knock down the foes. Frank then feeds the budgies some of the medicine, turning them into hulking superheroes that save the day and become global stars.

Amy & Tekno

Spaced Out is a 3-part story starring Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary. Written by Stringer, with art by Roberto Corona and Nigel Dobbyn and lettering by Frame, the story sees Amy and Tekno reunite with Johnny Lightfoot and wonder about Shortfuse the Cybernik's whereabouts. Inside Tekno's Workshop, Tekno tunes in to Shortfuse's frequency but her machine malfunctions and sends the girls to an Insectra Empire spaceship. The heroes fight well, but things get worse when they discover that Shortfuse is now a bad guy.


Megadroid introduces this issue's stories and features in the Control Zone and there's also a thank you for the continued submissions from Boomers. Speedlines features letters about STC's recycled paper, the lack of clothing on female game characters and "ruthless dictator" Robotnik wanting his own strip. Published letters received an Enamel Badge. The theme of this week's Graphic Zone is "Outer Space", with STC characters blasting off into outer space and earning artists a pack of Crayola Mini Stampers 2.



The previous issue of Sonic the Comic was Issue 110. The next issue is Issue 112.

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