Into the Brink is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 257 of Sonic the Comic Online. It is significant in developing Sonic's circumstances in the Mobius At War story arc by establishing allies willing to support him despite his outlaw status, and affecting the state of the Drakon Empire.



Masad Akaan of the Household Keepers has travelled to the North Spur on South Island, and deems a large cave as a good place to get started. Just as he starts unloading his gear by an ice structure, he is interrupted by a sleepy Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic quickly recognises the colours of Akaan's outfit and grabs the Keeper's gun before he can fire. The hedgehog then proceeds to fire off all the gun's remaining ammo before it jams up and Akaan reveals that he hasn't come in search of Sonic. Instead, he has been doing some research into an ancient legend of the Hill Top Zone and is looking for a magical superweapon hidden in the area. Sonic decides to help Akaan out in setting up some charges, on the grounds that it'll warm him up, but 45 minutes later, when he has finished, he finds Akaan gone with evidence of a recent battle. A look outside reveals him to be in the clutches of a Drakon platoon from the House of Magic, led by one Lord Utsire. The Drakons raise an immense glowing stone cube from beneath the snow, but before they can summon a Mobius Ring to take it with them, Sonic launches into battle. Utsire is able to hold Sonic in place with a spell and threatens him with the might of the entire Drakon army, but is momentarily distracted when Akaan hits him in the face with a snowball. Sonic immediately launches back into battle, attacking Utsire and destroying the cube before the Drakon leaves through a Mobius Ring. Later, Sonic and Akaan walk through the remains of the cube, discussing the Drakons' involvement with Robotnik and the possibility of Sonic being arrested, which Akaan won't, as it's too much effort. With that, Akaan encourages the hero to 'go get 'em' which Sonic immediately does, burying Akaan in the snow as he leaves.


  • This story was originally titled "On The Brink"; the title was corrupted during pre-publication discussions and never corrected.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Rivals. The next story is The Tale of Cream the Rabbit.

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