Art by Adamis and Pete Murphy

Interceptors are enormous Badniks used by Doctor Ivo Robotnik during the New Robotnik Empire.


The Interceptor model is extremely large, over twice the size of most Mobians and even towers over large creatures like Herne. It is capable of flight thanks to a tiny propeller on its head, making it an even more daunting threat. Attached to a central, spherical unit are two arms, each fitted with wheels. This allows an Interceptor to chase a fast opponent and uses the heavy arms to smash foes when close enough.

One Interceptor was dispatched by Robotnik to the Seaside Hill Zone as part of his continuous invasion plan. It accompanied other new Badniks such as Thunderball and Spinner, charging head-on into a battle with members of The Family. Herne was tasked with bringing down the beast but was unable to. It was eventually destroyed by a bomb accidentally thrown by Big the Cat following an explosion over in the Seaside City Zone - and not a pizza discarded by the Zone Leader.


Interceptors first appeared in the video game Sonic Unleashed. Another model returned in Sonic Colours but bears little resemblance to the Sonic the Comic Online Badnik.


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