Art by Mike Hadley and John M Burns

Not to be confused with the Inter-Zone Exchanger.

Inter-Zone Technology is the vague name given to a device that can create portals anywhere on Mobius. Designed by Doctor Ivo Robotnik, he intended to use this machine as transportation for his Badnik armies. In an instant, Badniks could be sent to wildly distant Zones to spread fear.


Robotnik first tried out his creation whilst living on the Floating Island. Establishing a secondary base in the Ice Cap Zone (his main headquarters being the Launch Base Zone), Robotnik installed the machinery and successfully created a portal to the Hill Top Zone. With the gateway established, the dictator sent through a fleet of Penguinators to attack the Zone. Unfortunately for him, the Freedom Fighters were in the area and easily defeated the invaders. Robotnik then sent through a second squadron, allowing Sonic to enter the portal in the other direction, giving him easy access to the Floating Island.

Teaming up with Knuckles the Echidna, Sonic was able to track down the base and learned of Robotnik's plans. After escaping from a forcefield, Sonic was swiftly able to destroy Robotnik's technology.


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