Art by Peter Richardson

An incendiary bomb is a weapon designed to start massive fires after its explosion, often used to flush enemies out of hiding places or to burn them alive. They often contain thermite, a reactive chemical made from a combination of aluminium and iron oxide. Common incendiary devices are molotov cocktails, portable weapons often used in riots and arson attacks. A somewhat larger version was utilised by the police in the first Streets of Rage story. Murphy radioed his helicopter back-up to drop the incendiary bomb on a warehouse, hoping to flush out Hawk and his remaining henchmen. Unfortunately, Max Hatchet was still alive and he barely managed to survive the destruction caused by the bomb.

Although not strictly an incendiary device, a bomb was planted in the Oil Ocean Zone, only to be stopped by Super Sonic in Ocean of Horror. Had the bomb detonated successfully, the entire oil content of the Zone would have been ignited and a ferocious fire would have greatly polluted the atmosphere.

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