Sure, just use a stick to control a crazy demon, because that makes total sense.

In the Heat of the Night
is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 226 of Sonic the Comic Online.



As night descends on the Emerald Ocean, Big the Cat is rowing along, with Chaos as company. The overweight cat has christened Chaos "Buddy", who is looking for a new body to seek revenge on those who abandoned him. As Big gives his new friend a hug, Guardian Robots emerge from the sea and Buddy goes hiding in Big's bag. Down in the submerged Emerald Chamber, Tikal tries to convince the attacking Robots that Sonic the Hedgehog is turning into a demon and needs help. Afraid that he might hurt somebody, kill someone like Johnny Lightfoot died, Sonic attempts to master the Chaos energy, but his situation is made much worse when Doctor Zachary appears. Too late, Sonic has now transformed into the murderous Super Sonic and plans to kill both of the echidnas standing in front of him. Zachary sets his plan into motion by stealing Tikal's staff and points it at Super; this staff was responsible for sealing Chaos many millenia ago and it is now being used to enslave Super Sonic.

As the Chaos energy emanates throughout the room, the software controlling the Guardian Robots breaks and the robots come to their senses. Deciding on a course of action, they burst out of the Floating Island, past the Underwater City where Porker Lewis and Ebony the Cat wait. Porker realises that if the robots have disrupted the shield, it won't be long before Sonic is crushed by the ocean. Porker wants to go down to the island to see if Sonic is alright, but Ebony is convinced that the 'good' Super has returned, not wanting to hurt anybody.

Zachary reveals his plan to harness Super's Chaos energy to start 'raining fire' on Mobius. Tikal realises that Zachary is mad and picks up an iron bar, ready to stop Zachary, but the scene is interrupted by the appearance of Porker and Ebony. Tikal recognises Porker from the future, but Zachary cuts in with a speech of control. He himself is interrupted by a Spin Attack from Sonic, who has reverted to his normal self. At that moment, the island begins to rumble and start rising, much to Tikal's bemusement. The story cuts back to the Robots from the start of the action, the ones who had escaped Zachary's control, who are now somehow raising the island from under the ocean. Zachary escapes with his jetpack, leaving Sonic cursing after him. In the Ice Cap Zone, Big and Buddy find themselves swept up with the rest of the island, a problem having presented itself - they're now hundreds of miles above Mobius!


  • This story marks the end of a longer 3-part arc which began with Drowned. It almost directly links into Knuckles story Reunion.
  • Zachary's control of the Guardian Robots mirrors his plan in Victims and is revisited, somewhat differently, in The Prisoner.


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