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Bleed unleashes his power on Amy....

In Cold Blood is a 2-part Tails story which began in Issue 241 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story: Jamie J
Art: Adamis
Lettering: Charles Ellis


One night in Eldorado Zone, Amy and a police force have managed to track down a thief from The Family known as Bleed, who is currently getting his hands on some silverware. After being ordered to freeze by Amy, Bleed relents to her request, but in something of a sadistic manner, somehow drastically reducing Amy and the cops' blood temperatures, almost killing them. Some time later, Tails is visiting Amy in hospital, and wishes he could have been there to help, but Amy says it wouldn't have made any difference. Frustrated, Tails vows to continue the investigation having read the case files, ignoring Amy's attempts to stop him. That evening, Tails has worked out Bleed's crime pattern and has deduced that the criminal is effectively daring them to stop them and relishing the chance to use his power on new victims. A few hours later, Tails locates Bleed and tries fighting him with stun grenades. Though blinded, Bleed manipulates the chemicals in Tails' blood, raising his adrenaline until the fox collapses, leaving Bleed to escape easily.
The next day, Tails is recovering in hospital and pondering Bleed's parting words of 'you furballs are all my puppets'. Sonic visits and tries to talk some sense into Tails, but unwittingly gives him a nudge in the right direction. Later that night, Bleed has completed another heist, this time upon the Zone's art gallery, but upon his exit is met by Vector, Espio, Charmy, Filch, Max Gamble, a couple more reptiles and an Echidna Guardian Robot. Mighty and Tails are present too, but watching from the sidelines, being warm-blooded and somewhat unable to fight. In a panic, Bleed tries to escape, and just avoids Vector's jaws, but is grabbed by Gamble, fulfilling his duties as a Family debt collector, and Filch, proclaiming that the Sky Pirates are the only thieves around. Bleed tries to raise the assembled fighters' adrenaline levels, but only strengthens them to the point where even Charmy can beat him. The following day, Vector tells all gathered that Bleed has been escorted to a reptile-run prison on the Great Mobian Prarie. Amy apologises for doubting Tails, but he cheerfully shrugs off, saying that Chaotix and the others beat Bleed in the end. Vector however disagrees, saying that Tails worked everything out and organised everyone together including Filch and Gamble and thus applauds the fox's efforts. Tails is ecstatic and realises that the next time he writes home, he won't have to lie.


- The names below the empty painting spaces in the gallery are references to arguably the most popular Sonic the Comic artists.
- The gallery curator in the same scene is the same one who featured in Clear As Mud, which coincidentally also focused on Tails hunting a thief.


The previous Tails story was Journey to the Crossroads. The next story was Brotherhood.